Planning a 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change Event

As of Tuesday, 3/13/12, there are 232 officially registered Great Cloth Diaper Change hosts planning events for April 21st in 13 countries.  Stacy Mojica is planning one in Savannah, GA and offered to share her experiences here.

I am a new Real Diaper Association (RDA) leader. We just started our Low Country Real Diaper Circle (LCRDC) here in Savannah, GA in early January 2012. We attracted members from our existing vibrant and active local natural parenting community.  In just under three months, we already have 72 members, with a core group of about 10 who attend our twice monthly business meetings.

Immediately, LCRDC members showed interest in hosting the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012 as part of our outreach efforts to spread the word locally about cloth diapers. Here’s a brief overview of how our event came together: LCRDC GCDC Planning Meeting

1. Spreading the work among volunteers

Initially, we were planning on hosting a very small GCDC, happy with meeting the Guinness World Records(TM) minimum of 25 babies changed and counted. But then our team became motivated to make it an even bigger event by soliciting volunteers from the base LCRDC Facebook group. Many people stepped up to lead different tasks for things like sponsors, media outreach, graphic design and fundraising.

2. Event Schedule

After two months of planning, the event has become more than just the GCDC. We have coined it “Green Baby Bash” with “The Change” being the main event of course. Our hope was that by organizing this Green Baby Bash to surround and highlight The Great Cloth Diaper Change, we will attract more parents to the event than would otherwise come. Even those not “into” cloth diapering will find plenty to do and see, and maybe get converted to cloth along the way.

Our schedule:

9-10am: Baby yoga and Mommy bootcamp classes simultaneous (participants choose)

10-12: Vendors/check-in, demos with the RDA Cloth Diaper Educator Kit at our RDA table.

12-1: Babysitters corner open

12:30: The Change!

1-3pm: Winding down

We have set up a photo session and a great list of local sponsors to set up activity/information tables such as: A carseat technician (Kids Safe), Kids fingerprinting/ID kit, The Midwife and Birth Center, The Pregnancy Care Center, My Child’s Bookshelf, and three boutiques selling handmade booties, baby legs, hair bows, and tutus.  We also hope to have La Leche League table, a babywearing exhibit, a maid service, and a kids party planner.

3. Fundraising, media, witnesses, registrations

We were very lucky to have a great big room donated to us for free as we are affiliated with and fundraising for the Real Diaper Association, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! Booth fees will cover table and sign expenses, and food will be sold by Papa’s Pizza. WJCL, a local news station, will cover the event and the news reporter Jessica Kiss will be our official witness. We have secured one other witness so far and are looking for two more to officially witness the event on behalf of Guinness World Records(TM). As of 3/13, we have 51 pre-registrants through Eventbrite with over a month to go before the event. We can check them in on our iPhones when they arrive to the event.

Our team, myself included, is so excited to be making such a huge impact on our community already as such a new Real Diaper Circle. Getting attention for the “Green Baby Bash” on the local news and fliers will hopefully attract both parents who already using cloth diapers and other parents who can benefit from a proper introduction to cloth diapers!

Stacy Mojica, Low Country Real Diaper Circle Leader, Savannah, GA

Great Cloth Diaper Change

About The Great Cloth Diaper Change Ambassadors

We are a team of writers who are all part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change, an international initiative organized with the help of the nonprofit Real Diaper Association. The event is designed to show the world that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an exciting Guinness World Record breaking event, and in 2011, more than 5,000 babies were changed simultaneously. For more information visit

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