Planting Peace on the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice


My husband, Steve and I have wanted a Peace Pole for our garden for years. We were generously gifted money towards one for our wedding almost four years ago, and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate our nuptials. We kept meaning to order it, and it kept getting put off for one reason or another. Then we thought we’d commemorate Zinnia’s birth with one, but the busy life of new parenthood put it on the back burner. Then we planned to do it for her first birthday, but nope it didn’t happen then either.


Last summer, we finally got around to ordering our Peace Pole.  It was a Monday in May and when we woke up that morning we learned that the world had changed in a consequential way. People around the U.S. were celebrating the death of “an international enemy” in ways that neither Steve nor I could understand, nor quite frankly, stomach. I wasn’t able to articulate it, but I felt sick and sad and disgusted and nervous and quiet and angry and disconnected. I turned off the computer.


Steve and I took a walk and talked about the news and how we were each processing it. Neither of us could shake the feeling of, well… dread.


A few hours later Steve came out of his office and said, “Baby, today’s the day. Order the Peace Pole.”


Within minutes I was online and it was ordered. Estimated shipping time: 6-8 weeks. I glanced at my calendar and realized it would arrive just in time for the Solstice. Perfect, I thought.


On the eve of the Solstice, we gathered with family and friends for the planting of Peace. I made prayer flags out of old sheets and bias tape, and everyone was invited to write messages of Peace on the flags. We dug the hole and invited each person to share a few words as the pole was planted in the center of our garden.



A year later, the flags are faded but the peaceful messages, hopes and prayers are still felt.


May Peace continue to grow and blossom in our backyard, and in yours.




Happy Summer Solstice!

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I’m a crafting, gardening, homebirthing, Colorado Mama with a two year old named Zinnia and baby number two (affectionately known as Turnip) due this fall. As a family we strive to live close to the earth and her seasons and my best days are spent gardening the heck out of our quarter-acre backyard, making homemade meals and planning our family’s next big adventure. I’m especially fond of a good Mojito happy hour and I have a weakness for far-too-expensive jeans, but those luxuries sing of life before motherhood. These days, when I’m not stripping cloth diapers or cleaning up after another toddler shenanigan, I can be found barefoot in the garden, at my sewing table, or heading for the hills in the Big White Van. Join me daily, as I share snippets from the good life at .


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