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This family is in need of donations to afford an important surgery for their son. Find out how to help in this blog post or visit the Help Charlie Heal blog.

Meet Charlie Greenman.

At 9 months old, Charlie has already endured severe medical problems and setbacks.  His community has banded together to offer support, and I would like to share this heartwarming story with you.

Charlie began having seizures 12 hours after he was born.  A subsequent MRI revealed that he had suffered two strokes in utero.

Doctors diagnosed Charlie with craniosynostosis — a condition in which the joints in an infant’s skull fuse too early, causing irregular skull growth.

Craniosynostosis —which affects approximately 1 in 2,000 births—can lead to a host of severely debilitating medical problems, including brain damage, seizures, eye problems, and delays in cognitive function and development.

For the Greenman family, each day has been both a struggle and a reminder of their son’s resilience and courage.  They applaud Charlie’s small achievements, treating each one as a momentous victory.

Like any family, the Greenmans want to give their child the very best medical attention possible—but for a child with craniosynostosis, this means a steep financial commitment.  Charlie’s condition requires appointments with numerous specialist doctors, including a neurologist, a cranio facial surgeon, and a neurosurgeon.  Charlie also needs cranio MRIs, renal ultrasounds, echo cardiograms, spinal ultrasounds and MRIs, and physical therapy, which equates to enormous medical costs.

Of most pressing concern is a cranio-facial surgery, scheduled for July, which will separate Charlie’s fused skull.  The surgery is of crucial importance, as the family’s physician recently reported that Charlie’s head circumference has dropped below the 0 percentile. Although the Greenman family has medical insurance, several of Charlie’s doctors are out-of-network, forcing the family to pay a significant portion of the costs out-of-pocket.  The insurance company is unwilling to fully cover Charlie’s upcoming cranio-facial surgery, and so the Greenmans must come up with 40% of the cost of the procedure.

In a touching and meaningful show of support, friends, family, and complete strangers have come together to raise funds for Charlie’s medical expenses.  Donations are being collected on the “Help Charlie Heal” blog—all contributions are deposited directly into a special savings account for Charlie’s medical needs. Even Charlie’s older brother, Walker, has found a way to support his sibling: Walker’s paintings have been made into notecards and are being sold on Etsy, to benefit Charlie’s medical fund.

I invite you to visit the Help Charlie Heal blog ( and learn more about Charlie.  And if you feel moved, help support Charlie’s fund.  Be a part of the loving community that is doing everything in its power to help Charlie heal.

For more information on the Help Charlie Heal campaign:

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