Please Help Intact America Stop a Recommendation of Circumcision by the CDC

March 25, 2010

US nonprofit Intact America has released a call for signatures to their petition “Say No to Circumcision” intended for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who is considering a general recommendation of circumcision for all infant boys in the US. An explanation and link to the petition can be found below, please consider raising your voice to help Intact America reach this important goal of 25,000 signatures.

From Intact America:

“No professional medical association in the world has ever recommended infant circumcision. But as you read this, the CDC is actually considering recommending routine circumcision of all infant boys.

Will you please join us in urging the CDC not to make this mistake before it’s too late?

Click here to sign the petition now.

Based on flawed studies that ignore the risks and ethical concerns of infant circumcision, the CDC may recommend this unnecessary surgery for our baby boys. We know that safe sexual practices and abstinence – not circumcision – prevent sexually transmitted diseases. And we know that there is NO link between infant circumcision and better health.

We will be delivering our petitions to CDC headquarters in April with the hopes of convincing them to make the right decision.

We need your help to make sure that the CDC gets the message – click here to add your name now.

Thank you again for helping us ensure that the CDC does not recommend this harmful, risky and unethical procedure.”

Visit Intact America’s Learn More page for important information on male circumcision.

Intact America works to protect babies and children from circumcision and all other forms of medically unnecessary genital alteration, whether carried out for cultural conformity or profit, in medical or non-medical settings.

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