Postpartum Hemorrhage

When giving birth to my daughter, I had excessive bleeding. I lost six pints of blood & needed two blood transfusions. I was considering having another baby but I wasn’t sure if it was the best idea. I was wondering if you could give me your expert advice as to whether I should try and have another one. I am scared I’m going to bleed to death, however I know nothing on this subject. All I know is what I was told. Is it safe to have another baby?

It is a difficult question.
On the one hand the best way to prevent a bleeding would be to give birth with nobody around you, apart from an experienced and silent midwife. In such an environment the birth of a second baby should be easy and fast, without the need for any drug. It would be important to heat up at the very time when the baby is born and to create such conditions that you’ll never be cold. As soon as the baby is born, a low-profile midwife should protect you against any sort of distraction, so that you have nothing else to do than to discover your baby and to feel the contact with its skin. Such a situation is the guarantee that you’ll release a high peak of oxytocin: this will make easy the delivery of the placenta.
On the other hand it is often difficult to create an appropriate environment in the context of a conventional department of obstetrics. In this case it may be recommended to inject synthetic oxytocin when the baby is born and to medically manage the so-called third stage of labor. Anyway the risk of ‘bleeding to death’ after giving birth is approaching zero in our societies, and a second birth is often very different from a first one. So, you should not hesitate to have a second baby.

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