PowerStone: PowerBag for Confidence for a 6-year old

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A mother wrote into Mothering.com’s Ask An Expert about her indecisive child. I responded with a host of ideas of how to increase his self-confidence with details about empowerment, responsibility, music, creative games, adult narration of the decision-making process, and tangible tools. An excerpt about the “power stone” and “power bag,”  follows.

An excerpt of tangible empowerment:

Power Stone:

Take him to a specialty store to purchase a stone, rock or crystal. Have him hold this rock when he is feeling good and happy, and place it somewhere safe like his dresser or under pillow while he sleeps. Then have him take the small stone to school in his pocket or backpack to give him a touchstone of inner calm. Touching this stone in his pocked may help bolster him for the moment.

Power Bag:

Create a tangible place that he can remember his confidence. Buy him a small backpack or bag and call it his “power bag.” Include a journal with crayons and/or a pen, his power stone (see above,) his favorite stuffed animal and a small photo book of his family, favorite friends, elder in the community or anyone with whom he feels safe, confident, capable and loved. Just knowing the power bag is with him at school will help him. If he encounters an especially difficult moment, he might be allowed to sit alone with his power bag for a moment to bring him back to his center.



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