Ppd And Straightdepression

I would like to talk about some concepts that may sound very foreign. But I find them to be very real. They are teachings from the Zhuan Falun book I mentioned. They are insight into the energies of our lives. I find them very real, because at one point in my spiritual seekings, I have seen them fairly clearly.

For one, Karma is something most people have heard about. Karma is the cause and effect in our lives. If it is negative karma, then there is an actual substance that is “black” which accumulates in our bodies. If it is positive karma, then it is a “white” substance. The black karma leads to diseases, while the white karma leads to health, and supernormal powers. These have nothing to do with our skin color, but it can become visible when one’s energy is increased.

Sometimes, when we are making great strides, negative influences in our environments try to attack us, to challenge us, to make sure we are up to the challenge. In effect, as humans, we have accumulated a lot of negative karma, and thus we are humans and not immortals. So we have to be tested to see that we can face anything with truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.

Also, sometimes, we have done things in our past lives, to other people, and/or other beings that we have to feel the effects for. The negative karma in its accumulation, begins to cause illness. And depending on our moods, our responses, our lack of emotional control, it can react in a worse manner.

We can also take on negative karma by helping people that need to face their own karma. Say we know someone close, who we know does wrong things, yet we still try to pamper them or take care of them, then we also take on their negative karma.

And in our stores of positive karma, sometimes if we yell at someone, or curse them, we also give them our positive karma, and lose our strength of the positive karma. Without positive karma, we are also more vulnerable to negative influences.

Usually some form of change in diet or medicine can help, but also, these things tend to just prolong the time when we will need to face the pains we have caused.

And I agree with the woman in the previous post, that sometimes, when someone has such great energy, they are challenged, and others may see how they cooperate, and have great tolerance and compassion, which will show them how to change. These people are on the road to defeating many negative energies in our surroundings. Kind of like Lazarus, I believe Jesus took on the illness of Lazarus, probably became ill himself, then overcame it, and others then were able to know the power that is probable in our world. Sai Baba of India is another guru who has done this. He is currently living.

In my experience, I also find that such depression is a balancing for things in our lives, meaning we really need to find our way back to true human nature, of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance/forbearance, and move away from so many distractions. Probably in your first birth, you payed for your karma by the troublesome birth, whilst in the second, you are paying for karma by the depression.

negative karma can be overcome, through recognizing it directly.
listening to it, observing it, then trying to understand who you are surrounding that pain. probably some greater compassion in your life, or facing your fears with tolerance, or seeking and applying truths will help tremendously, but always one step at a time.

hope this helps.
refugio manuel


From the Zhuan Falun:


I’ll give you a concrete example, and we’ll see how some people cultivate. To cultivate in meditation, you have to cross your legs for a long time, and once they’re crossed, your legs ache and feel like pins and needles. After a while you start to feel anxious, and then you get really anxious—you are “working the body, tempering the will.” Your body doesn’t feel good, and your mind doesn’t, either. Some people are afraid of the pain from crossing their legs, so they uncross their legs and don’t want to go on. And some people can’t stand it if their legs are crossed for a little bit longer. But when they uncross their legs the meditation was in vain. The moment their legs hurt from being crossed, they spring right up and move around, and then they cross them again. We think that’s just not effective. The reason is, when their legs hurt, we can see that the black matter is attacking their legs. The black matter is karma, and suffering eliminates karma and turns it into virtue. Once it hurts, the karma starts to be eliminated, and the more the karma presses down, the more his legs hurt. So there’s a reason behind the pain in his legs. People who are meditating usually feel the pain in their legs coming in waves, and the pain lasts for a while, it gets excruciating, and then after it’s gone there’s some relief, but not for long, because the pain starts again. That’s usually how it goes.

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