Pre Dispostions and Vaccines

Hello Dr Rubin, As far as you know, are there any non-invasive tests that can show a pre-disposition to autism that would be brought out by vaccinations? Anything in the area of BioFeedack devices? Thank you, anne marie

I cannot answer this question because (1) I am not a medical professional but instead am a computer scientist who manages VAERS data for the website and (2) There is nothing in the VAERS data that would suggest such a link because VAERS only reports adverse outcomes and rarely mentions any tests that may have been performed.

To illustrate the scarcity of such information in MedAlerts, go to the search page, select “Autism” and “Autism spectrum disorder” in the Symptoms list, and then enter “test” into the “Other Medications” field.  Only 9 events out of over 300,000 in the database report autism and describe ANY tests that were done.  None of these tests seem to offer an answer to your question.

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