Pregnancy Affirmations

woman listening to recorded affirmationsAn affirmation is a positive thought that you consciously introduce into your thinking. You do this so that your thoughts will support you and not undermine your confidence. Here are some affirmations to write down and read or say aloud. You can make audiotapes of the affirmations you like or make up your own affirmations to listen to as well. Notice that the affirmations progress from pregnancy to birth.

Pregnancy is a natural, normal, healthy and vibrant state
for my baby and me.

My baby and I are loved and supported.

It is safe for me to have my baby.

There is nothing to fear.

I am calm and relaxed. My baby feels my calmness and shares

The baby and I are ready for our lives together to unfold.

The baby is naturally doing what he or she should.

The movements of my uterus are massaging and rocking my

The rhythm of my uterus as it expands and contracts brings
me closer to my baby.

The baby is descending naturally.

The baby’s head fits perfectly in my pelvis.

My vagina expands easily as my baby’s head crowns, and then
emerges into our hands.

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