Privacy On The Internet

Privacy on the Internet

How much is too much information on the internet? We all need to choose wisely when we post anything anywhere online. In the age of Google, Bing, Way Back Machine, Internet Archive (and more), whatever gets posted on any website might eventually be seen by people who were not your intended audience. When posting on blogs, message boards, chat rooms, Twitter, Facebook, and the like, it is a good idea to ask yourself: Would I want a stranger, my boss, my family or my neighbors to read the words I am about to say or view the pictures I am about to post/link to? If the answer is no, reconsider posting and/or make some edits.


A couple of good resources for things to think about when posting in any online venue are:


Privacy with Mothering Magazine

Please read Mothering Magazine’s Privacy Policy. Here is a brief portion —

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