production aid #15

teaa.k.a., yes, blatant product endorsement.

Apologies for the seemingly commercial nature of this. . . but I really do love this tea. Because it’s not always easy to find, I have tried to switch, to find some other hot beverage I like as much, but, alas, no luck so far.

Bought it originally, long ago,  for (why not!) the package design—and the hint of whimsy there. And now the tea is a routine part of my day, try as hard as I might to move on to something else.

I ran out of “my” tea a couple of days ago and went to get more, but my usual supplier was out, so I bought somebody else’s chai blend. And hated it, all perfumey and oily. Not a good way to start a day.

Got home last night to discover that Tim had found, incredibly, a couple of boxes at a different market and brought them home to surprise me. So, this morning, I was really, really happy as I made—and savored (almost like one of those old International Coffee commercials)—my ritual cup of . . . OK, OK, I’ll say it. . . TAZOTM Organic Chai.

Check out their website, for the design and the whimsy, if nothing else.


Photo shows a favorite mug, made by my nephew Ian

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4 thoughts on “production aid #15”

  1. I’ve never tried this tea. I love tea and find it very comforting to drink during pregnancy. But my husband and I have been talking a lot about packaging lately and how to reduce it from our lives. He drinks mostly loose tea. So I tried to find my favorites in the bulk section of the co-op where we buy food. They didn’t even have rooibos (maybe sold out). These boxes are so beautiful and I want to try this tea! At the same time, I wonder if there is a way to enjoy the things we love and also make less of an impact?

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