Energy is funny. Just when I think I don’t have any, some comes rushing in and I accomplish things I’d given up on doing on my own. 

Yesterday, H. had her first field trip…the class went hiking, collected falling leaves, sketched them. It was an impromptu field trip, which meant that I had to run around wrangling a bunch of different things in under 24 hours. Lace-up shoes (not the sturdy mary janes we had on hand). A small, unlined notebook. A light jacket. A sun hat. A small day pack. Sunblock.

I did have the weirder stuff–the notebook, as H. got 2 recently at her birthday party. A small day pack: we grabbed the mini lunch backpack, which had enough pockets to hold the notebook, pencil, and sunblock, as well as her lunch. I asked her dad if he had her sneakers, but he couldn’t find them, and so we all went out to Target at 9pm (good times!) after watching the debate at Elizabeth’s super-charming, new old house. Nathaniel fell asleep in the car. That boy has gotten heavy since the days that I tucked him in a sling of any kind. I carried him to the shoe section, then put him down on the carpeted floor, my purse as a pillow, so I could help Honorée try on sneakers. I spied a cart, wheeled it over, placed him in that, with the purse as pillow once more, and then Honorée, a few minutes later, dropped her box of sneakers on his face. Luckily, he just made a slightly disgruntled noise and fell back asleep. She, though, cried, because she felt so bad. I don’t know; this type of scenario would usually have me on my broom, but I felt sanguine all the way through (until Nathaniel strained against me as  tried to put him in his car seat…then I got a little snappish). Maybe it was because I found some really cute rugby stripe knee socks in navy and heather gray or black and heather gray, I’m not sure which, I’m colorblind in that particular area. 

In the morning, Peter told me he found her sneakers (”way under the bed”) but I’d already been to big T and also, I think the ones he found were a tad small on her, which would have made the hike less comfortable. She loves her new sneaks…I do too. They are white and creamy sky blue, and remind me of the Asics I had when I ran track in high school. 

I did, however, ask Peter to come over with the light jacket and sun hat, but he didn’t have time, so I told him to put them in a bag at the end of the driveway, (because I would be that unable to waste an extra second kibitzing or even walking up to the front porch)  and drove by there on my way to school. 

And I almost forgot to send Nathaniel to school with snack, but I remembered at the last minute. It was a very clown car morning. 

Redemptively, it was Friday, which meant there was a coffee table out by the parking lot, with a small group of parents gathered around chatting. Nathaniel loves coming up and cadging a piece of coffee cake, and I love the free joe, and catching up with friends. But, given that I can be a total Shy Boots, I sometimes feel awkward when I don’t know anyone. Plus, I have a bad memory when it comes to remembering if I’ve met someone. So this super-nice couple said hi to me and I made myself initiate a conversation–”So you have a kid in the kindergarten?” “Yes, Jason, he was in the preschool last year,” “Right, with Nathaniel,” (of course, I’ve probably met you already) “So, how does he like it?” Next thing you know we were having a real conversation, and it came up that they, too, have a “Heather has Two Houses” situation, where the certain things–hats, jackets, shoes…always seem to be at the other parent’s house when you need them. We found some common ground…it is usually always there if I get over myself and just put myself out there a bit. And it was comforting common ground; I think I had one mother of a single-mom 12 hour stretch, and it was really nice to chat with people in the same situation. 

Well, I went way off track, because I was planning on telling you how we came home last night from work and school pickups, and we whipped this house into (better) shape–I’ve been working on the Holiday Toy Special, which will be in the Nov/Dec issue (woot woot!) and have fallen behind on la casa, big time. The kids cleaned their room (with the expected share of grandstanding and ballyhooing), I shelved books, vacuumed, wiped, put things in their places, took out the trash, broke down boxes, brought out recycling, and watered the plants, inside and out. *snap* For weeks I’ve been unable to get a real entry point into making this place more orderly. 

The other thing I wanted to mention: Honorée and I went out to lunch at the Chocolate Maven, and sat right against the glass wall that shows their industrial bakery goings-on. We were just agog. We sat right beside the pain-au-chocolatier, and watching all those sticks of Callebaut chocolate go into the super-long rows of pastry dough was very absorbing. Honorée almost fell over when she saw the guy chuck an inch or two of raw pain-o-chocolat into the trash bin. She would have preferred to gobble it down herself! Then she got to have a cupcake with a pink rose on top, which reminds me of my favorite children’s book, Molly’s Moe by Kay Chorao…she gets someone’s unclaimed birthday cake, festooned with frosting roses, at the end. Waldorf has a policy of closing early on Fridays, and it’s been a lovely way for the two of us to have Mommy-Daughter time, because I pick her up, we have lunch or get a manicure, and then go back to work. She is really well-behaved at work these days, so it isn’t stressful–it’s really pleasant.

Mr. Boy wants breakfast…I must sign off. Happy weekend!

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