Provide a Bumi Box and Help Birthing Moms in Haiti

April 2, 2010

A call from the Bumi Sehat Foundation International-Haiti, requesting your help in supporting birthing moms in Haiti’s earthquake affected areas.

It has been less than three months since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. The emergency is not over and women and children continue to suffer and die every day. Bumi Sehat Haiti has opened the doors to their birth center and is supporting pregnant women and their children through prenatal visits and labor and birth support. Their midwives are skilled at gentle birthing techniques intended to offer women a place of dignity in which to give birth, reduce pain, decrease interventions and cesarean sections, and to improve the health of their babies. Bumi Sehat places emphasis on encouraging breastfeeding to ensure babies are well-nourished and less likely to suffer from illness or malnutrition.

Recently, the first two bumi baby boys, Benovense and Sadrak, were born with the assistance, support, kindness and love of volunteer midwives. Beautiful and peaceful births, both baby boys weighed 6 lb 2 oz and both are healthy and nursing with their mothers.

You can help.

Buy a Bumi Box today for one of these Mothers. $20 buys a “Bumi Box” which will be given to each new mother. It includes a baby blanket, newborn hat, baby cloths, menstrual pads, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, wash cloth, towel, diapers, food for a few days, and prenatal vitamins. The very basics every Mother needs after birth.

You can donate now at


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