Pulse Open, Open, Open…

open wide.

give your desires words. out loud words.

tenderly gaze of the eye to eye.

expose your craving anyway you must, under a blanket or backed by a rented band.

reveal your intentions, clean.

stand there, vulnerable, waiting.

describe your dream, in detail.

clarify what you’re afraid of and give faith to the opposite.

engage every cell in fiercely wishing:

to be seen. to be graduated. adored. valued. validated. met.

the moment holds it all. give it then and there.

even if it didn’t work before, or you’re not sure what will come out of you to make for something new. (you can’t be sure)

blow off the past.

ask for what you want.

unzip the casing of your personality and let that inner layer feel the air. smart warm life.

do it in front of another being.

this is terrifying relief:

to merge

out in front

melting edges


punctuations of ecstasy
everyday happiness deepening

we know.

pulse open. open. open.

you will get hurt. shattered — guaranteed.

a glance will cut. denial will bruise, rejection will fracture.

you’ll cry. clenched. you’ll be infuriated. you may choose to walk away — agonized.

leave. quit. swing back. shoot a dart of defense.

you’ll regret it — more or less.

if you stay there, closed down ’round your core, then you’ll never leave the house feeling like yourself.

you’ll pad your soul with stuff destined for landfills.

piles of dislike and complaints will heave between you and bliss.

(bliss is possible. we know.)

itchy. tight. foggy. this happens when the heart is veiled.

nothing will ever be quite right, day after day.

pulse back open.

do it to be it.

lean toward.

worship your precious impulses.

focus to expansion.

this once.





. . .

My friend Sam is writing a poem a day for a year. I think I’ll follow suit. In private. Go to BentLily.com to get inspired.

. . . . . . .


Danielle LaPorte

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