Pumping in Public



pumping in public


Yes, I’m talking about pumping breast milk. In public. Well not really in public, but in a public place.


This week, my days are spent at a professional development conference at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, which means I’m away from my nursling for many hours every day. This also means I need a private place to pump so that Nana has milk for my daughter while I’m away.


I began querying the organization hosting my conference on Monday. The three reps I spoke with looked at me like I was a crazy woman, as I inquired about “a private place to pump breast milk”, and all three suggested the public bathroom. The bathroom. ”Really?” I asked them, “is that the best we can do?”


From there I went to the concierge desk and spoke with a young fella who blushed and stumbled over his words as he told me that he had no other options. He gave me a brief glimmer of hope when he said, “Well there is the tenth floor”.


The tenth floor? I hopefully questioned.


“Yeah, there’s a bathroom up there that’s out of the way, and there shouldn’t be too many people using it.”


I told him as nicely as I could, “Umm, no I will not be sitting on a toilet while I provide nourishment for my child.”


I mean, can you imagine? Would you have your lunch on the toilet?


I have to add that the Marriott is the largest hotel in Atlanta, a city of more than four million people. The place is huge. Huge! It has hundreds (thousands?) of rooms. I was in shock that no one could find a small room for me to pump in for twenty minutes a day. While I was paying over $500 to attend this professional conference at the hotel, I was not a guest of the hotel in the sense that I wan’t sleeping there, but I was spending eight hours a day attending classes within the hotel.


I was in a bad way that afternoon as I left the hotel. I’m generally an optimistic person, my glass is always half-full, but as I stepped out onto that hot asphalt I had no faith in society. My half-full glass had a leak.


What the hell is up with us that we do not allow comfortable places for mothers to feed their babies? I happily nurse in public everywhere I go: the grocery store, airplanes, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, swimming pools … you name it, I’ve probably nursed there. I’m discreet, but unabashed in my approach to breastfeeding my child. Pumping though, that’s a little different.I do enjoy a bit more privacy while hooked up to my trusty Medela Pump-n-Style automatic pump. Here’s the thing though; if we as a society were more accepting of breastfeeding, if we weren’t so freaked out by seeing a babe attached to their mama’s boobs, if we weren’t such a walking contradiction, celebrating cleavage at the same time we shun seeing it on lactating mamas, then maybe, just maybe we might think of providing comfy places for nursing mamas to nourish their children.


I was drained. My glass was … empty.


Tuesday morning I walked into that Marriott with my Medela Pump-n-Style slung over my shoulder, and I had a mission – I was going to find a place to pump that did not involve a toilet. Period.


It’s all about who you talk to, and with a little more effort, I finally made my way to the top. I tracked down the two ladies organizing this massive conference, briefly told them of my needs and within 10 minutes they’d found me a empty conference room, had me a key made and I was good to go.


Just. Like. That.


I had my own mini-conference room in which to pump.


Why wasn’t I referred to these two gals yesterday? I wondered. Nevertheless, my faith was renewed.


My glass filled up again. And so did my bottles.


Fortunately, this is the first time I’ve encountered any such challenge with breastfeeding my daughter. I am grateful that my family is fully supportive of me providing the best, most naturally-perfect food for Zinnia, and I’ve never been ostracised while breastfeeding in public.


Even so, this felt big and it felt defeating. If I were the kind of person to give up easily, I would have been sitting clothed, on the toilet while my Medela hummed away.


Have you encountered obstacles to pumping while away from home? How did you handle it?


I wrote this piece for my blog in July 2011. It feels appropriate to share now as we come to the end of the 2012 World Breastfeeding Week.







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5 thoughts on “Pumping in Public”

  1. I have pumped breast milk for my 2 children (currently pumping for #2) and I work full-time on a Construction Project. (I’m an Engineer) And yes, I’ve been relegated to bathrooms. I’ve never had to sit on the toilet – they’ve at least provided me a chair, but, that’s the best I got. Also, with #1, we took a trip to South Africa without the child and I pumped in every airport bathroom along the way, to and from. I pumped in my car a few weeks ago at the mall. So I am VERY familiar with pumping in weird public places. You do what you have to for your child!

    Lee-Ann P.

    Lilly’s Diaper Pad (Retailer of cloth diaper and other natural and organic baby products)




  2. Agreed, we do what we have to. If no other options would have been available, I would have sat on that toilet (no chairs available). But persistance paid off in my situation. And, as I was a train commuter that week, my car wasn’t even an option. The most surprising thing I suppose is the fact that my conference (and my profession) is 97% women so having as much trouble as I did initially was shocking.

  3. Ive pumped In the bathroom at 2 baseball stadiums and whil driving my car numerous times not to mention sitting in my parked car about 5 times. I also have pumped in the office at my school. when all the rooms were full, I pumped in the kitchen there just sitting in the floor. A few people walked in and apologized. I was left with no choice really.

  4. I used to bartend at an Italian restaurant ran by a bunch of men. I had no choice other than to pump in the back liquor closet! They offered to let me use their office but about 7 other men had the key so at any point someone could have came in. So, I decided I would just use the back liquor closet and the other bartender would always make sure no one else went back there. The things we do for our children! LOL

  5. I have heard that Target and Dillards will let you pump in the dressing rooms. And our YMCA has a designated pumping room within the locker room. Workplaces are required by law to provide you space to use.

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