Pura Vida Pantry Cookbook Giveaway


My delightful cousin-in-law (is that the right term?) Cassidy André Barbeau, is a mompreneur living in beautiful Costa Rica with her cutie husband Paul and two darling children, Paisley and Satori.

She is the creator of Pura Vida Pantry, located on facebook, which provides delicious daily recipes for people who want to add more vegetarian and vegan meals to their lives. Many of her recipes are also made from raw, living foods.

She makes it look easy! And…she makes it easy, too. I have a big detector for needlessly complicated recipes–I won’t use them–and hers are simple, yet deliciously compelling.


I hit her up to be a part of an A la Mama giveaway, and she graciously agreed to give away one copy of her print cookbook and one digital copy of it two two lucky A la Mama readers. She is also going to sell her cookbooks for a 15% off for the next 24 hours, to give A la Mama readers a nice price break if they’re ready to get some Pura Vida goin’ on.

Print version: usually $25, now $21.25

E-version: $20, now $17

If you buy the book, but then end up being the winner, she will refund your money. So just know that. : )

You can order a cookbook by clicking HERE.

Here’s how you enter to win:

1) leave a comment below with your preference of print or e-version of the cookbook

2) for a second chance to win, click here to go to the Pura Vida Pantry facebook page, “like” it, and then come back and let me know that you did.

Pura vida! (as defined by Cassidy: “a common saying in Costa Rica, where I live. It literally translates to “Pure Life”, although it is a lot more encompassing of a phrase, meaning to live kindly, be happy, have no worries, and take time to ‘chillax.’ It is also a perfect way to think about the ideal lifestyle….PURE LIFE. Meaning keep it as close to the way nature intended as possible.”)

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122 thoughts on “Pura Vida Pantry Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. Always looking for raw food recipes that are unique, simple and quick. Thanks. A print version is preferred. Oh and I love the website page on FB

  2. Print would be great, but I’ll take the other…

    Liked it on Facebook, and will recommend to my vegetarian Costa Rican friend.

  3. A friend of mine and I were just talking about this earlier today! (Vegetarian cooking, that is) We are going to be hitting up the local farmer’s market tomorrow to see what kind of wonderfulness we can find.

    I’d like the electronic version!

  4. This is fantastic! I’m having the worst time with sugar cravings right now and I’m not even a big fan of sugar!

    I Would love a print version, thanks!

  5. I would prefer the print version. I am a lifelong vegetarian and 7 year vegan and as we raise our son as a veg, we are always trying to try new dishes that aren’t fussy, this looks right up our alley!

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