Question About Mei Tai Baby Carriers

Hi Jane, I recently read the Mothering magazine issue: Wear your baby and wondered if you could tell me what kind of mei tai carrier is featured on page 57. I have been searching for one like this with a hood to cover my infant’s head. Thanks.

Unfortunately that particular brand of mei tai is no longer made! The ones featured in that picture are by Nurslings Hemp Tai, also known as NHT. A shorter-bodied version was called the Baby Hemp Tai or BHT.

There are makers of universal hoods for mei tais that attach to the shoulder straps, so you can convert your favorite mei tai into a hooded mei tai. There are also other brands of mei tais that have hoods attached. Many of these are available by custom order: you might research Kindercarry, Tettitett, Dream Carrier, Taitasi, Melkaj, Beanslings, and Bamberoo to see if you can find one that suits you!

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