Questions to Ask a Doula

Woman speaking with potential doulaIn interviewing a potential doula, the following list of questions might come in handy. Remember, your doula should be someone you like, since she will be with you during one of the most intense experiences you will ever have.

  • Are you certified? By what organization? What kind of training have you had?
  • How long have you been in practice as a doula? How many births have you attended?
  • What care providers have you worked with? How many homebirths have you attended? In what hospitals have you attended births?
  • Tell me about some of the births you’ve attended.
  • What is your philosophy about childbirth? How do you support women and their partners throughout labor?
  • May I meet with you to discuss our birth plans and the role you will play in supporting me?
  • May I call you with questions or concerns before and after the birth? How can I contact you in an emergency?
  • Do you work with one or more backup doulas (for times when you are not available)? May I meet them?
  • When do you join women in labor? Would you come to our home or meet us at the birth center or hospital?
  • Can you drive us to the birth center or hospital if necessary?
  • Will you meet with us after the birth to review the labor and answer questions?
  • What is your fee? Is any part of your fee refundable if, for some unexpected reason, you do not attend the birth?
  • Can you provide references?

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