So there’s this thing we say at our house first thing on the first day of a new month.”Rabbit!”

Not sure why, but it has to do with good luck. Also not sure where I heard this, or even when I started doing it. Hadn’t really wondered where it came from til today, so I looked it up. Good old Wikipedia.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones with this tradition.

Nick, my nephew who is in the Peace Corps in Mali, is particularly good at remembering to Rabbit. It’s been a little surreal to get Rabbit emails from him on those occasions when he’s been able to get to an internet cafe on some dirt road in some sleepy village in west Africa. These emails don’t necessarily arrive on the first of the month, but we’ll not get picky, considering the circumstances.

OK. Must get back to the March-April issue. Almost done.

So, rabbit, everybody! And happy February . . .

Photo is of our kitchen calendar, featuring art by Rodney White, an illustrator whose positive outlook and dry sense of humor (in addition to the style of his work—love those textures!) I particularly enjoy. His tongue-in-cheek sayings, painted into each work, often cause me to do a double-take. This one: “I’d rather be. . .”

There’s some gorgeous stuff on his site. Check it out.

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