Random Notes, Mostly about Me

1. Greater Good (the magazine where I work as senior editor) has been nominated for another Independent Press Award in the category of “Best Social/Cultural Coverage.” The new issue of Greater Good tackles the question, Why do we make art? You can read most of the essays online.

2. There is now a Wikipedia page about me. The book release party for my book The Daddy Shift will happen on Saturday, June 6, 7 pm, at Cover to Cover books on Castro St. in San Francisco. On Sunday, June 14 at 5 pm, I’ll read at an event for the ‘zine Rad Dad. The reading will be held at Pegasus Books, 2349 Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley, CA.

3. In January 2010, WW Norton will be publishing The Compassionate Instinct, co-edited by me, Dacher Keltner, and Jason Marsh. In Spring 2010, Beacon Press will publish Are We Born Racist?, which I also co-edited.

4. Andrea Doucet, a Canadian sociologist who wrote an important academic book about stay-at-home dads, is now turning her attention to breadwinning moms. She’s set up a new discussion forum for the moms, and I hope you (or your wife/partner) will join her.

5. I got mugged on April 4–my birthday!–and now I’m recovering from a concussion. Hence, the relatively long silence. Some thoughts on that later.

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