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There are so many design- or production-related things things to blog about, but for right now, this is about all I can handle. (i.e., I’m under deadline and am supposed to be doing layout at this very moment—so I’ll make this quick!)

I don’t (like to or choose to) cook. But I make an exception when it comes to . . .

Laura’s Not-So-Secret Recipe for

Protein-Packed Production Fuel, er, Oatmeal

1/3 c rolled oats

2/3 c water

1T chopped walnuts

1T raisins

dash cinnamon

dash salt

1/3 c chopped apple

1/3 c cottage cheese

1. Throw everything except apple and cottage cheese into a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Zap for 1-2 minutes (depending on how powerful your microwave is).

3. Add chopped apples and zap for another minute.

4. Stir in cottage cheese.

5. Add honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar, if you’d like.

Makes one serving.



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