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Real Science-4-Kids offers unique and high quality science curriculum options for children grades K-12. Developed by homeschooling mom and biophysical chemist Rebecca Keller, their texts and other resources are smart, easy to use and affordable. 


Real Science-4-Kids provides printed workbooks, laboratory workbooks, and teacher’s manuals as well as interactive online classes and an online testing center. Subjects covered include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy and Geology for elementary grades and middle school grades, as well as Chemistry for High Schoolers


We had a chance to look over the elementary physics book bundle (grades K-4) and the middle school level geology book bundle (grades 5-8). These curriculum bundles include the teacher’s manual, laboratory workbook and student text printed in beautifully bound books. PDF study libraries, downloadable study folders, lesson plans and quizzes are also available at different prices levels. You can see all of the options here.



Both of the bundles were extremely kid-oriented while being highly detailed: allowing for fun, hands-on learning of these advanced subjects. Used together, the student text and laboratory workbook alone provide an excellent way to learn these subjects. The teacher’s manual is an extra help as it provides clear instructions for each unit as well as more detailed information–but it would not be required, especially if you plan to allow your child to lead the way with these texts. 



Each chapter in the student text provides advanced information that can be read ahead of time before letting kids dive into the experiments–or it could be read alongside of the workbook activities. The experiments in the workbooks use mostly easy to find materials and promote critical analysis by asking kids to work through each step thoughtfully: recording observations and drawing conclusions. The workbooks are also a great way to keep track of learning progress and provide clear daily or weekly milestones. 



Real Science-4-Kids took the time to answer our questions to provide you with an in-depth look into their programs. Check out the Q & A below as well as the detailed information on their website to decide if their excellent curriculum is a good fit for your family. 


Can you tell us briefly about Real Science-4-Kids? Can you share some details subjects do you offer? 


Real Science-4-Kids is an award-winning science curriculum that has helped children unlock their inner Einstein for over 10 years. Real Science-4-Kids was developed with the idea that real science is about working on the edge of what we do know to discover what we don’t know. By making real science concepts easy for young children to understand, Real Science-4-Kids delivers the essential building blocks kids need for understanding chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology. Our expanding K-12 line of worldview neutral curriculum, written by Rebecca W. Keller (a homeschool mom and PhD scientist) is easy to teach and fun to use!


Please share a few reasons why you think science education is so important to today’s youth. 


Science is interwoven into virtually every aspect of our lives.  When we encourage our children to live out life as exceptional observers of the world around us, we teach them to be problem solvers, and original thinkers–those who will see tomorrow’s challenge and turn it into an opportunity.  When we cultivate an atmosphere of curiosity and exploration in science, we give rise to a new generation of innovators who will see unexpected results and exclaim, “Look at what I just discovered!”


How do you think your program stands apart from other curricula in helpings kids grasp complicated concepts? 


Before high school, science education typically covers only biology and earth/space with little or no chemistry and physics. Yet chemistry and physics are the foundation of all science, including biology and earth/space. How can a student understand photosynthesis without chemistry? How can a student understand planetary motion without physics? When science is taught without chemistry and physics, a gap is created. Real Science-4-Kids fills the gap and provides students with the foundation they need for learning all science disciplines.


What tools are in place to help parents teach their kids? What makes them unique? 


We have carefully developed resources which appeal to all learning styles and are not only easy for a parent to use, but fun!  Our texts are all full-color and brimming with appealing graphics.  Our laboratory workbooks lead students through experimentation, while our teacher’s manuals and lesson plans provide clear guidance to parents regardless of their previous science background.  We also offer digital, full-color study folders with creative activities, puzzles and games in a lapbook format to reinforce content.  For further support, we offer digital quizzes, an Online Testing Center, recorded lectures and online activities.  


Would your family like to meet the scientist behind Real Science-4-Kids? Dr. Keller has some outstanding experiment videos online where you can discover real science along with her!


For families who would love to have an instructor with 30 years of teaching experience at their side, join Karen’s Real Science-4-Kids Online Academy!  Each family can customize their level of services, including live 2-hour LAB-A-DAY sessions and coaching calls.


Do you feel that Real Science-4-Kids provides a strong base for future learning? 


Absolutely.  Dr. Keller developed Real Science-4-Kids to prepare her own children for collegiate science.  By teaching children to employ the scientific method, to use and understand proper scientific terminology, and to understand the core disciplines of physics and chemistry from the very beginning, we equip children for higher education and professions in this amazing world of science.


Is there any other information you would like to share? 


Dr. Keller and the Real Science-4-Kids team are passionate about delivering the highest quality science curriculum to your family, and we continue to develop new, easy to use products to enhance learning.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction, or we will refund your product price.  Are you ready to unlock your child’s inner Einstein?! 


Find out more about all of Real Science-4-Kids great options on their website

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