Religious Studies Guidelines

The Religious Studies forum is for the academic discussion of religious and spiritual matters. This is where the tough questions may be asked. Please do not take it personally when someone questions your own particular faith or belief system or posts an interpretation or opinion that does not support your belief. Questions and their discussion are not to be construed as being judgmental, but should rather be seen as an honest plea for a deeper understanding.

The MDC User Agreement still applies and members posting here will be expected to uphold their discussion with the utmost respect and consideration for participants and readers. Personal attacks will not be tolerated nor comments that are negative regarding an individual or group. If you feel someone has broken any rules, please contact a moderator immediately rather than replying to the thread in question. Please refrain from sarcasm and insulting or denigrating remarks that might negate the purpose of this forum. Those who cannot abide by these guidelines will not be permitted to post here. Please contact a forum moderator with any questions. Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

Please note we are no longer hosting religious circumcision debate in this forum. Respectful discussion regarding religious circumcision and/or alternatives may be hosted in the main Spirituality forum which is a debate-free zone. Please see the Guidelines here.

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