Researching Vaccinations

I have a ten week old baby who was born six weeks early, around the time my husband and I started our vaccination research. I am completely overwhelmed with the complexity of the issues surrounding the risk of vaccinating versus not vaccinating our baby. I feel like the more I read the more confused I am. There is just so much information to wade through. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this an easier process?

First, know that there is no reason to rush into a decision. You have the right to decided if you want to vaccinate and when to begin. A baby born early often is more sensitive and underdeveloped and needs time to catch up in many ways. There are thousands of children in the country who have never been vaccinated and infectious illnesses are not increasing. In fact, it has been proven that in states where vaccine rates are low, there is no greater threat or incidence of infectious illness. When babies breastfeed, they get some immunity passed to them. This will give baby the greatest chance to thrive and develop. Never do anything unless you feel complete peace about your decision. I tell parents that FEAR should never be the motivation for a vaccine decision. Information is the key to making that decision and feeling secure. The current vaccine schedule does not takeinto consideration special babies with special needs. It is a “one size fits all” approach and I truly disagree with this.

Second, I would take my time and research each individual shot recommended. Look at the ingredients and production process and then decided if your child absolutely needs the vaccine. If you feel that a particular vaccine is warranted, order it individually, not in a combination injection. Read the package insert carefully before signing the consent form. If you have any concerns, hold off. Make sure your baby is well on the day you administer the shot. Watch your baby carefully for the next few weeks for any adverse events. Parents who have vaccine injured children say that they did not know what to look for after vaccines. Adverse reaction would indicate no further vaccines. Many books address this in detail and I cover this in my DVD, “Are Vaccines Safe?”

Third, get connected to a support group in your area where natural health is taught and encouraged. You may have a vaccine group in your area that can be a great source of information. I am big supporter of natural health, and encourage parents to get educated on how to apply this in their families. Chiropractors, naturopaths and health food stores are a great source. All of these concerns and much more are addressed in my new DVD called “Are Vaccines Safe?” which is available on my web site

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