Resources for Stay at Home Dads

My husband is a stay at home dad parenting our nine month old daughter. What resources are available for stay at home dads? Are there parent groups, or any particular literature that speaks to this arrangement?

The first place to go is, the online resource for at-home dads (Or, AHDs, as we call ourselves). Slowlane has tons of resources, articles and links-including links to many local AHD groups. I also strongly recommend the At Home Dad Newsletter, a fun, useful periodical – get subscription info by emailing

Often, your community’s Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program will have information about local AHD groups or resources, too. I’d also recommend my own book about fathering daughters; while not specifically an AHD book, it is based on many years of being an at-home dad with my twin girls: Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Support and Understand Your Daughter (Broadway Boos, 2003) And, of course, your husband should check out – the website of the national Dads and Daughters nonprofit.

He’s one lucky guy!

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