Review Guidelines

Reviews are subject to the User Agreement and will be moderated. In addition to the User Agreement, the following guidelines apply:

*Reviews are for products only. Please do not post to review things such as customer service, shipping, returns, office staff, phone messages or anything not directly related to the item or provider being reviewed.
*Please only write one review per product. Search in the correct category to find the product you wish to review. If the product is not listed, please add the item by clicking the Add Item button on the top right. For instructions on placing reviews please see our Review Tutorial Wiki.
*Do not post reviews to advertise or promote your products or a product that you sell, or to promote your business. Misuse of the Review feature may result in the suspension or removal of your account. If you feel that a review has been posted by the maker or a business selling a product please click the flag button to report the review.
*This feature will allow for both positive and negative reviews. Negative reviews should be constructive and detailed. Reviews that are spiteful or agenda-driven are not helpful and will be removed. The User Agreement applies to all reviews.
*Please only post reviews of products you personally own or have used. Do not post second-hand opinions or experiences. Keeping the reviews based on first-hand experience allows MDC to host a solid catalog of information for our members to use in their purchasing decisions.
*Please only post reviews of care providers you have direct experience with. Reviews based on hearsay, or third party accounts will be removed.
*Mothering will not host agenda-based reviews or retaliatory reviews by product makers, business owners or care providers. These discussions should be resolved privately. Discussions of this nature placed in the review section will be deleted and administrative action may be taken. 
*Regarding reviews of used items: Although a positive customer review regarding a used purchase only further verifies the quality of the item, a negative customer review of an item previously used by another begs the question of previous wear and care, washing habits, age, etc. For this reason, please limit negative reviews to NEW products purchased directly from the business or an authorized retailer. 
The Review feature is intended to create a detailed database of the Mothering Community’s product experiences to enable others to purchase with confidence and knowledge. Abuse of this feature for purposes other than product review may result in action taken against your account so please post with care in accordance with these guidelines. 
If you see a Review that violates these guidelines, please click on the button with the flag on it at the bottom of the review.
Please keep these guidelines in mind when posting reviews. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Adina at 

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