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  1. How To Write A Review
  2. Add a Product for Review
  3. How To Edit A Review
  4. What Makes A Great Review?
  5. Can I Review My Own Products or Business I Am Connected To?




How To Write A Review

  1. Navigate to the page of the item you would like to review.
  2. There are a few different “Write A Review” buttons on the page.  Click one of them to open up the review creator.
  3. The review creator has a few different fields.  In order to submit your review, you MUST fill in a Review Title, an Overall star rating, and a Full Review.  You are more than welcome to add Pros, Cons, other star ratings, a purchase date, and price paid, as well as personal images and videos, to tell other users more about your experience. 
  4. When you are satisfied, click the “Submit Review” button.  At any time, you can edit your review.


How To Add a Product For Review

If the product you would like to review is not currently on the site you will need to add it. Here are the instructions for doing so. 


  1. Follow this link and choose the appropriate category for your review. 
  2. Click on the button labeled “Add Item.” 
  3. Type in the name of your product and select “search.”
  4. Choose your item from the list displayed. If none match your product, select “Add it Manually.”
  5. Verify the category the product should be added to and move to Step 2.
  6. In Step 2 you will be asked for the manufacturer information, a product name, description, and image of the product. Fill out the information and continue to Step 3.
  7. Step 3 asks for additional details and links, fill out any that apply and “Save.”
  8. Once saved, select the “View the Item Page” to see your newly added item.
  9. You can now write a review using the instructions above.


How To Edit A Review

  1. Navigate to the item page whose review you would like to edit or update.
  2. If you have already reviewed the product, you will see a status bar at the top of the product page with a link to edit your review.  An “Edit Your Review” button will also appear further down on the page immediately above your review.  Click one of these to open your review editor.
  3. The review editor will open with your review title, full review, star ratings, and more.  Feel free to edit your review however you wish.  The only fields that are required when editing your review are the Review Title, the Overall star rating, and a Full Review.
  4. When you are satisfied, click the “Submit Review” button.  Your updated review will appear.


What Makes A Great Review?


Great reviews are thorough, honest, and thoughtful. Whether you love or hate a product, your constructive commentary will add great value to the community. Reviews that are personal, offer suggestions on the best use of a product, or detail reasons why the item just didn’t work for you will be of the most value to others. Including personal images or videos of your family using the product is an especially helpful way of sharing your like, or dislike, of a product. 
Think about your motivation for writing the review and make sure you clearly cover those elements that will best convey your message. For instance, if you are leaving a positive review of a product make sure you list several specific reasons why you think the item is a good match for your family. Share as many details as you can. Check out this review for a great example of a positive product review.
If you are leaving a negative review of a product, or offering a warning for other parents, clearly list the individual reason(s) the product should be avoided. Being descriptive about each point will help others make the best choice when weighing the pros and cons of individual products on their shopping list. A good example of a helpful negative review can be found here.
Some tips to keep in mind when creating your review.
  • Make sure you are reviewing the correct product–some have many variations and versions.
  • Write your review as if you were explaining the product to a friend who is considering purchasing the item. Include all of the details that would help them make their decision.
  • Clearly list what you liked most about the product and explain why.
  • Tell readers what could have been improved on and why you feel that way.
  • If there are environmental or safety concerns (or positives) that you found about the product explain them.
  • If you have you used other similar products write about why you liked or disliked those items when compared to the review product.
  • If the product is for a baby or small child, share the age of your child at the time of use. Or, tell if you used the product successfully at many stages. 
  • Be creative: Add a video review or image of you or you family using the product to make your review stand out. 
  • Talk specifics: Did you find the product to be durable? Was it easy to clean? Was it simple to assemble? Any and all information is helpful. 
  • Get personal: Share examples of how you used the product in your own daily life.
  • Consider filling out all of the information in the review section, such as the price you paid and the purchase date.
  • Most importantly, write a review that you yourself would find helpful. 


Here are some more examples of great reviews:

Lunapads | Ergo Baby Carrier | Fuzzibunz



Can I Review My Own Products or Business I Am Connected To?

The focus of our community is user generated content. To preserve its integrity, you should not review your own products or business or a business at which you have been or are currently employed.

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