road trip!

go-westStill uncertain how to handle Christmases on our own (we visited extended family for many years but have tried to do our own thing lately), this year—after floundering about and feeling like failures at the holiday thing—Tim and Reeve and I ended up doing one of those things we do best: running away.

on-the-roadYes. We rented a car yesterday and hit the road today. Four hundred miles later, we’re hoteled and heading to bed a few miles from the Grand Canyon, looking forward to checking it out in the daylight tomorrow.

It’s been a really lovely (and memorable) Christmas Day. Took turns playing music from our iPods over the rental car’s surprisingly good sound system. Opened presents at rest stops along the way. Marveled at the stunning scenery. Dined at (gulp) Sonic and a Chinese restaurant on the Hopi reservation. Found a hotel and took hot baths and crawled into bed and even watched some TV. And now it’s time to get some sleep. More adventures tomorrow. . .

Merry Christmas, everybody!



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