Rogham Shot During Pregnancy and After Birth

I am 27 weeks pregnant and was aware that Rogham shots are routinely given to RH -ve women during the 28th week and 72 hours after birth of the baby. My husband is RH +ve. I was reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth where she mentions that there could be potential side effects of this vaccination. I was looking at some of the articles here in, which mention a link to autism and RH -ve women who took the Rogham shots. Can you please let me know if it is really necessary to take this shot now in a couple of weeks and also after birth of the baby? What if I consider not taking this shot at all, will there be any problems?

I do think that getting Rhogam is important.  I don’t know of any natural alternatives to it.  With you being Rh neg, there is risk there.  Since I’m not an OB, I can’t really say what you should do. The worry about autism came mainly from the mercury that USED to be in Rhogam – as of a couple years ago, all U.S. brands of Rhogam no longer contain mercury.  So I don’t think there’s an autism worry there anymore.

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