Sacred Pregnancy – The Movement: An Interview with Annie Daulter

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Anni Daulter, is the author of Sacred Pregnancy, creative director and editor of Sacred Pregnancy magazine and the creator of the Sacred Pregnancy Class Series + “LOVE labor” Method. We spoke with Anni to find out more about her motivation behind Sacred Pregnancy.

What inspired you to start the sacred pregnancy movement and write this book?

When I was pregnant with my second child, Lotus, I became obsessed with trying to find women I could connect with that knew about the sacredness of birth and the rite of passage every mother goes through, but few mark. My pregnancy craving was for that sisterhood that used to exist back in the day when women lived in tribes and pregnancy wisdom was passed down from mother to mother. Not being able to find what I was truly looking for, I realized something was missing in how we go through our pregnancies in this culture, and that sacred mother sisterhood had been buried. Our bodies create babies, and everyone agrees that is a miraculous wonder, but our spirits create souls and we need to know how to handle the process of creating a “whole” person. I truly believe the way to do this is by connecting to ourselves, the process of growing a baby and other wise women.

Pregnancy is a ride and we need to dig deep in order to navigate the emotional and physical waters of that journey. Its wild, scary, fun, joyous, beautiful, sexy, dirty, bloody and most of all it shapes us into mothers and re-defines how we look at the world.  Every woman DESERVES a Sacred Pregnancy. We need to get showered with adornment and learn more ways how to say “YES” to nurturing ourselves, decorate our bellies and let it all hang out, honor our partners as they too travel the road with us, be brave and vulnerable, look into the eyes of our own childhoods so we may pick and choose what we want to take with us into our own mothering choices and most importantly we need to learn that this is a journey we share with others, but ultimately travel alone.

How have women throughout the world responded to this movement?

What I am so happy to have found is that the Sacred Pregnancy Movement is transcending all cultural lines and barriers, in that all women are pretty much responding the same, with a resounding “this is what we have been waiting for “ sentiment! What we bring is simple connection that builds sisterhood and a tribal communal feeling that I truly believe lives in women’s bones, but has long been forgotten. Women are saying things like ”I will remember this retreat experience when I am old and grey, as it has changed my whole life” or “thanks to Sacred Pregnancy I was able to find my inner strength and have the VBAC I knew I could.” We are making shifts in the way women birth, which means those babies have a more peaceful transition to their earth-side lives, which means mamas are more confident as they step into motherhood, which means that babies are happier and so on.


Empowerment seems to be at the core of this movement. How can a woman get in touch with her own innate power when she first learns that she is pregnant? Where can she find the support she needs? How can her partner get involved?

Empowerment is a tricky word to me. Its one of those words that gets thrown around like its meaning and application are common knowledge and we should all “know” how to apply this concept to our lives in general, but particularly to our pregnant + birthing experiences. I no longer give advice to women to be empowered during pregnancy + birth, I SHOW them. When women get pregnant, the very first thing they start doing is planning for the birth. What about all the time in between, where she goes up and down emotionally, possibly struggling with her changing body, the relationship shifts with her partner, expectations that may or may not be being met? A woman’s walk down the pregnancy path is a place of higher vibrational living, a place of spiritual centeredness, a place of calm and grounding; this is the place where empowerment truly lives. This place of true empowerment will give her the gift of birthing in her own wisdom, of being able to tap into past women’s wisdom and will carry her over the threshold of maiden to mother.

What are the sacred pregnancy instructor trainings you’ve created? How do they work? Who can attend?

We have so many trainings that are developed or are in development now, and I could not be prouder of all of the hard work of the women who have come through Sacred Pregnancy and been so inspired that they want to use their own expertise to create fantastic programs to serve our greater vision. We now have both LIVE and ONLINE retreats serving both professionals and others seeking to live a more sacred existence. I have now termed this vision, the SACRED LIVING MOVEMENT, because we are encompassing other life building retreats/trainings outside of pregnancy & birth.

*Sacred Pregnancy Live Instructor Training Retreats: You become a certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, able to teach classes in your own communities for pregnant women. The classes are 8 weeks long and are held just for pregnant women to come together in sisterhood. Then there are 4 week birth journey classes that the women can continue on with that they can include their partners in.

*Sacred Pregnancy Online Mini 2-Day Retreat Trainings: Participants are certified to host 2 day mini retreats in their communities for pregnant women, taught by Anni Daulter.

*Sacred Relationship: These retreats are for couples who want to bring their relationship to the next deep level and who want to live at the highest vibration possible. We currently offer this retreat both LIVE and ONLINE. The course is taught by Anni Daulter, founder of the Sacred Living Movement + her husband, Tim Daulter, author of Practicing Happy.

*Sacred Pregnancy Mama Honoring Retreats for Pregnant Mamas: These LIVE retreats are for pregnant women to come together in their journey and bond, and experience having a Sacred Pregnancy. They are led by Anni Daulter.

*Sacred Postpartum Trainings for “Mother Roasters”: At these trainings you will learn the art of sacred postpartum and are able to offer mother roasting services in their own communities, including belly binding, restorative soups, placenta encapsulation, sealing ceremonies, tinctures, moxabustion and so much more. This course is taught by our ceremonial experts and postpartum experts.

*Sacred Doula: This program is geared toward anyone who wants to become a DOULA. It incorporates body, mind and spirit in the approach and is a DOULA training like no other. It ends in a certification and is taught by the creator of the program, long-time doula expert who has attended over 1000 births and owner of a local birth center, Lorie McCoy.

*Sacred Milk: This program aims to teach women how to become a lactation support person for breastfeeding moms, and is a deep look at bonding between mom and baby. This program is taught by our IBCLC Leaders, Gini Robbins, Sara Goff + Austin Reed.

*Sacred Medicine Woman: This program helps women learn wild crafting of herbs and natural remedies of healing modalities. Its hands on and women learn so much about how to create and use natural healing tools for themselves in their local communities. This is taught by our expert: Myrriah Raimbault.

*Sacred Yoga: This is a body, mind, spirit approach to yoga that also includes pre-natal yoga teacher training. Our Yoga program launches this year and will allow you to become a yoga teacher in your area. This is being taught by Yoga Extraordinaire: Nina Phelan

*Sacred Beginnings: We are hoping to launch Sacred beginnings this year for mama and baby to come together for 6 weeks and journey with each other, each week doing projects to support baby and bringing their little beings into a spiritual space with mama. Sacred Beginnings is being created as a training certification program taught by the amazing Danielle G.

*Sacred Pregnancy Magazine: This is a beautiful adjunct to what we do and its published both online and print on demand 4 times a year. There are currently 6 issues out! Please check out the back issues online at the Sacred Pregnancy Website!

*Sacred Whisper Newletters: People can own a Sacred Whisper Newsletter in their communities and sell ads as a way to support the already designed blog for each one of them. It’s a way to tell the birth community what is afoot and to bring more awareness to this Sacred work we are doing.

*Sacred Spaces: These are physical spaces that we are currently licensing out to women who want to create a physical space for women to go and take classes, get treatments and be the focal and center point for their communities for anything, pregnancy, birth or motherhood related.

Sisterhood support is what this movement is all about and finding her tribe in her own community is now easier than it was in the past. These classes are happening all over the world, and women only need to reach out to us either on the website ( or through Sacred Pregnancy FB and we will find them a “Birth Journey” class happening in their local community.

Do you have a second book in the works?

There is always so much in the works around here! Yes there is a new book that will be coming out on Sacred Motherhood sometime in 2015.

Find out more about Annie Daulter’s Sacred Pregnancy work at


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