Savvy Homeschool Moms Talk Breastfeeding

So Beckie and I initially thought…well we’re past breastfeeding age (our youngest are 6 and 7), and since breastfeeding really has nothing to do with homeschooling, per se, we don’t really have anything to contribute to World Breastfeeding Week, right?

But then we thought about it some more. We were both extended nursers … Beckie figures that between her 3 kids she nursed a total of  96 months! And for my 2, I was right about 78 months … so I suppose we do have something to contribute on the subject! :)


  With Maeven she just called it nursing, but when she wanted to nurse, she said “ockey, nurse, Mama!” because she liked to rock and nurse. And Tyren had a totally bizarre off-the-wall name that we have NO idea where it came from…Tina: So Beckie, how old were each of your kids when they weaned?

Beckie:  Michael, was 12 months as I didn’t even know about extended nursing back then. Danielle and Jack-Jack were both right around 3 and a half..How about you?

Tina:  Yeah mine too, a little over 3yrs…both mine were right about 3yrs 3mos. Weird how that happened. Did your kids have cute names for nursing, or your breasts? Both mine were different…

Beckie:  Yes, Danielle started out calling nursing num-nums, so it carried through with Jack-Jack.

He called nursing “Huh” (without a question sound, LOL), and since he liked to nurse laying down on the couch, he said he wanted “Ni-Ni huh” (Ni Ni=night night)

Beckie:  CUTE!

Tina:  Yeah it was funny because with Maeven we regretted, during the toddler years, not having a cutesy code name for it…because she’d just shout it out in a store “NURSE MAMA!!!!” LOL!  But Tyren had a more secret name, so that helped, LOL!

Beckie:  Now both of us had older children when our younger was born.. Did you find that nursing made it easier for you to have two? Such as, I could sling and nurse Jack-Jack while I read to Danielle..Oh, you reminded me, both of mine also signed for nursing.. They used the ASL sign for milk, so that helped A LOT in public, LOL!!

Tina:  Yeah, when Tyr was a baby/toddler it was easy to just plug him in and do whatever I needed for Maeven.Yeah mine signed too, although not as much for nursing as other things.

And I did wear Tyren a lot too, but Tyr was always a porker, where Jack was a little twig, huh? LOL! So I had to stop wearing Tyr a lot sooner than you dad Jack, I think.

Beckie:  Oh, yeah, I can STILL sling Jack-Jack!

Tina:  ROFL!

Yeah I don’t think Tyr made it to 2yrs before he just got too heavy! Maeven, I was still slinging at 3yrs! Slinging and nursing really went hand in hand, don’t you think?

Beckie:  I totally agree! I found that by mastering nursing in the sling, I was able to do way more!

Tina:  I actually got so good at it with Tyr that I carried him around Disneyland when he was 3months, nursing him in a pouch sling everwhere we went and no one had a clue.

Did it grocery shopping regularly too.

Beckie:  Yep, there is a picture up there of me nursing Jack-Jack at Disneyland..

Tina:  I wasn’t quite as adept at any sling/pouch/carrier with Maeven at that age.

Beckie:  He was about 3 months old

Tina:  Aw, so sweet. I love looking at pics of our kiddos little.

Beckie:  I slung Danielle at age 2 all over Disneyland too.. That was INSANE..

Tina:  Oh I bet! She wasn’t small, was she?

Beckie:  Funny fact, I have nursed every one of my children (at least once) on Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean .

Tina:  LOL!

Now did you reach a point where you no longer felt comfortable nursing in public? Because I did.  Right around age 2 when they got super acrobatic.

Beckie:  I did, same for me, right around age 2. When they no longer fit nicely in the sling, and it was all legs and arms sticking out

Tina:  Then it became more of a sport and less relaxing! LOL!And UPSIDE DOWN!! What was THAT all about??? LOL!

Beckie:  Right! Yoga nursing

Tina:  “Mommy’s boob doesn’t turn at a 90degree angle sweetie!” LOLYeah we totally stopped public nursing at that point and only did it when we were home or at another nursing friend’s house.

Beckie:  Exactly, us too

Tina:  Now how did you wean yours? I had always wanted to just let them wean naturally but found that after 3 years, Mommy was DONE.And since LLL said it should continue as mutually enjoyable…And it was not really enjoyable for me anymore by age 3…I knew I was ready for it to be done, and they were not quite there yet so I had to do some gentle pushing. I did a real gradual weaning over many months, cutting out more and more nursings. Ending with the going-to-sleep nursing session for last. That was the hardest.

Beckie:  Well, I night weaned both of them around 2 and a half or so..

But Danielle was completely weaned right at the beginning of my pregnancy with Jack-Jack, it hurt to nurse and she wasn’t getting as much milk.

Tina:  Yeah I don’t remember night weaning Maeven, but I know I night weaned Tyren. Don’t remember exactly what age though. Maybe younger than that actually…He got SO BAD at moving around so much at night I was getting no sleep, so night weaning allowed me to have my sanity back and him to continue nursing (during the day) a bit longer.

Beckie:  And Jack-Jack was weaned in kind of an emergency situation, not my plan at all, but I had to go take care of my father, as he was dying of cancer. So the kids went to the other grandma’s house. While we were apart, he pretty much weaned.

It was probably more traumatic for me then for him, honestly.

He took it rather in stride!

Tina:  Yeah, I bet.

Some people don’t know I had a fullterm child in between mine that died, so I didn’t have any overlap…but Maeven was still nursing during my pregnancy with Baelin.

Beckie:  I had a similar thing, with the baby I lost in between. Danielle nursed through that miscarriage.

Tina:  About midway through that pregnancy I couldn’t take it anymore though…it was SO uncomfortable that I had to wean her.


She was over 3yrs so I figured I’d done my time, LOL!

My last year of both of my kids’ nursing experiences were entirely for them…I was ready for them to wean at 2!

But they weren’t ready.

Beckie:  Exactly!! When I weaned Jack-Jack, my first thing was to buy a NICE bra! Hadn’t had a non-nursing bra in over 6 years!!

Tina:  LOL! Too funny!

Yeah I had all nursing tops too, since my mom went nuts when I had Maeven and got me a zillion, so I got to wear shirts with no slits in them again! LOL!

That was a big deal!

Beckie: Right?? LOL! I gave all my nursing tops away, it was very freeing

Tina:  A lot of people say that they were so sad when they weaned their kiddos….I wasn’t sad at all, were you? On the flip side I don’t regret any of it for a second and I did indeed enjoy nursing both my kiddos.

My mom had breast cancer, so we knew that I was doing the best thing all around!

On all levels.

Beckie:  I was sad when Jack-Jack weaned.. Because I knew he was my last baby, ever..

Tina:  Ah yes. I wasn’t sure yet I think with Tyr.

Beckie:  But I wasn’t too unhappy when Danielle did, LOL! It was only a 6 month break, but it was nice

Tina:  LOL

Yeah its weird to think its been so long since I’ve nursed, when that was SUCH a part of my life for SO LONG!

We were talking the other day about how lop-sided I was, LOL!!!

Beckie:  Oh right! I was lucky that never really happened to me..

Tina:  Both of my kids preferred one side to the other, how odd was that?

Maeven stopped nursing both sides around 18months, so a little over halfway through her nursing experience…and Tyren…stopped at like 4 months!!!

Beckie:  That is odd.. I wonder if there is a reason for it..

Tina:  Would NOT nurse on the other side after that! LOL

Yeah, who knows?

LLL didn’t know either.

Beckie:  Hmm, interesting..

Tina:  Did you ever have anyone give you a hard time about nursing?

I don’t think I ever did. Even my family members were supportive. And inlaws too!

Beckie:  Well, I wrote a long blog post a while back about a jerk who ruined a trip to Disneyland for me, but otherwise, no, not really. But I had a very, “Go ahead, make a comment” air about me when nursing, so maybe that’s why

Tina:  Yeah I think I sorta did too. And when I wasn’t feeling up to feeling strong, I just didn’t make eye contact so that I just didn’t have to deal with anyone.

I don’t think I ever read that post! I’ll have to look it up!


Tina:  Oh that’s Michael then?

Beckie:  Yep

Tina: Ah

Beckie:  Had it been the two younger ones I would have ripped that guy up one side and down the other

Tina:  LOL! You would have!

I didn’t know you back then. You seem to be very different now, LOL!

Beckie:  I am a very different mom now then I was then.

Tina:  You were a LOT younger then too.

So did you figure out nursing pretty quickly with all your babies? And did the babies?

I was really lucky, I think….I’ve heard a lot of stories….and both me and my babies all figured it out right away, thank god. And I had more than enough to feed a village of babies, I think! LOL!

I actually had overactive letdown! Poor kiddos! Got a face-full on many occasions!

Beckie:  Michael and I had zero problems, which is amazing considering I had no support in place, other then well meaning family members. Danielle did well too, not many issues, outside the norm.

Jack-Jack had issues. He was born super fast (3 pushes) and had meconium so he had to be suctioned. So he had aversion issues with his mouth.

Plus he had a really tough time when I’d switch him from one side to the other.

But thankfully with the help of a good Chiropractor and patience, it all got worked out!

Tina: Yeah I have heard some horror stories. So glad it all worked out for both of us!

Since there had been no nursing babies in our lives since Tyren was born, I have been really happy in the past year that we have a friend that is in our lives to expose Tyren to a nursing baby…have you had that with John? He’s a lot younger than Jack, isn’t he?

Beckie:  Jack’s best friend John was nursed, so he saw that .

Tina: (John’s the son of a mutual friend of ours.)


Yeah Tyren’s watching his best friend’s baby brother nurse, thankfully!

Both my kids have been just awesome with Remi….its so awesome.

Remi’s a little over a year old now and still nursing strong!

Maeven got to see Tyren, so I really wanted my son to also get the benefit of growing up seeing nursing as normal.

I really think that’s the key!

Beckie:  I agree.

Tina:  So were you still nursing when you started homeschooling?

Beckie:  Yep

Tina:  I assume I was, I just don’t have a conscious memory of it…

I do recall that Tyr was EXTREMELY disruptful with whatever I was trying to do with Maeven…

Beckie:  I would nurse Jack-Jack in the sling while doing pre-school lessons with Danielle.

Tina:  So I didn’t get very far in the early years with Maeven and just pretty much unschooled initially. I know Tyr was no longer in a sling at that age…

Because Maeven would have been 6, since I didn’t even begin homeschooling til then…

So Tyr would have been 1, I guess…well, actually he was still a sling-baby…

But I didn’t sling him so much at home as out and about usually.

Beckie:  I did around the house all the time, because I had Danielle plus I was almost always babysitting at least one other kid..

Tina:  Funny, I really don’t have a lot of memories of nursing and homeschooling… although I obviously did it.

And, Jack weighed NOTHING! LOL!

Beckie:  Yeah, that was helpful

Tina:  LOL

Beckie:  Especially when I was double slinging! I would carry him and Shraddha around..

Tina: I know! That was so fun to see! LOL!

Beckie:  I double slinged Danielle and Logan too.

Tina:  The news person when we did that BabyFest promo and you have Jack and Shraddha both, was VERY impressed! LOL!

You are a goddess, LOL!

Beckie:  LOL!! I remember that!

Tina:  Heehee

Well I think that about covers the Savvy Homeschool Moms breastfeeding experience, don’tcha think?

Beckie:  I think so!


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