School Readiness Websites With Free Content

Here is a list of great (FREE!) websites that are devotes to school readiness topics.  Information on how to prepare you child to start school, free printable worksheets, free readiness tests to see if your child is ready to start school, activity suggestions for things to do with your school-aged child at home, etc.  I hope you find it helpful!


  1. Free printable kindergarten worksheets, full-color and easy to print.  Worksheets in these different areas: fine motor skill development, auditory processing skill development, phonemic awareness skill development, visual discrimination skill development, math/number awareness and letter/word awareness.
  2. Free kindergarten assessment to see if your child is ready to begin school
  3. Fantastic website devoted to excellence in early childhood education.  Lots of activity suggestions to try at home.
  4. US Dept of Education: Helping Your Child, including helping him learn to read
  5. List of 300 site words to introduce to your child.
  6. List of activities to promote good handwriting.


Please PM me to suggest other sites to add.  I’ll update this list as I find new and great sites to share!

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