Seeds of Faith

Seeds of faith


Thanks to Lori Wallace for sharing her new greeting card line, Seeds of Faith, with us.


Having been involved in the lives of so many people throughout the years a common thread emerged across cultural, racial and class lines. People need more encouragement. The world is grim. Life can be so tough. Encouragement can change a life.


Seeds of Faith Greeting Cards exist to encourage our Moms and Sisters. Also, it was decided from day one that 25 % of our profits would be donated to ministries that help people domestically and internationally.


We offer hand designed, quirky, original cartoon style cards that look at life with a little humor. We also have an exclusive line of College cards for Moms of College kids, that help ease the separation anxiety when they must say goodbye to their kids for the first time.


I invite you to check out our site. Send some encouragement to a friend who is struggling. Help make this world a better place. Be a part of the good, today.


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