Self Demand Feeding

pregnant woman eatingPregnancy may be the first time in your lives that you allow yourself to eat as you please. If you have turned to food to meet emotional needs in the past or if you just want to use your pregnancy as an opportunity to have a better relationship with food, try self-demand feeding.

Self-demand feeding is simple. Eat when you’re hungry. Eat foods that you choose yourself. Stop when you’re full.

Here are some guidelines:

Have a wide range of foods available in your home.

You decide when, what and how much to eat.

Focus on physical hunger rather than the time of day as the reason for eating.

Be prepared to deal with your own biases about how, what and when you should eat.

Do not impose any eating or any rules about eating on yourself.

Allow yourself to develop new personal tastes and eating styles.

All people if left to their own devices, will eat a balanced diet over time.


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