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Welcome to the new Sex Talk forum!

This forum was born out of the need to have a place where topics of an adult nature could be discussed. While the forums as a whole are meant to be safe for work and family friendly, we realize that many of the hardest aspects of “life as a parent” for many couples are of a sexual nature. So, as a warning, this forum may not be safe for work. What does this mean? It means that there will be discussions of a sexual nature which might get some in trouble if their workplace prohibits visits to those kind of websites.

The forum is a place where parents can discuss their personal issues of a sexual nature – whether it be related to cosleeping, post partum physical pain, trying to put that “spark” back in, being just plain tired… or anything in between. Of course these topics can get spicey as we all have different needs and different views of what we consider “the norm” for intimacy and sexual relations. So please come into the forum with that understanding.

As is the case in all of our forums, hate speech will not be tolerated nor any negative speech about someone’s sexual orientation. We will still uphold the core values of Mothering in this forum and we must still speak to each other in a respectful way and create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion. This forum is restricted to members who have made at least 50 posts and have been registered a minimum of 60 days, making it a semi-private forum. We require any talk in this area be limited to this area only so that members feel comfortable posting here. Therefore, all members are expected to refrain from posting anywhere else about discussions in this forum. Any breach of this will result in immediate removal of access. 

Please, let us all come together and help our fellow community members resolve any sexual issues with respect, understanding, and a little bit of fun. wink1.gif

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