Share Your Favorite Babywearing Pictures!

Celebrate International Babywearing Week with us by posting a favorite pic of you wearing your little one in the comments below. Can’t wait to seem them!

Here’s some inspiration:

LOVE the beautiful image of Mothering founder Peggy O’Mara wearing her son in 1976 posted on her blog today, and this one of Mothering contributing editor Jennifer Margulis wearing her toddler last summer at a train station–posted yesterday on Adventures in Babywearing.

And the one below from MDC moderator Almadianna is just gorgeous.

Add your own!

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342 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite Babywearing Pictures!”

  1. This is me and my lady Cyprienne back in 2008. She’s four now and over 40 lbs. but I would still totally wear her if my back allowed it!

  2. I could not decide which was my favorite picture so I am posting two: 18-month old Sophie securely attached to daddy asleep on a bench in Central Park, NY! (see next post)

  3. Babywearing my first LO, Ken, in May 2010 while touring Miyajima Island, Japan while on a Iwakuni-Hiroshima tour.

    I used my phone, so hopefully it shows.

  4. I also wanted to post a picture of me wearing my almost 3 year old in September. Using a carrier is A LOT easier that just carrying a baby/child in your arms!

  5. me and my girl, she was 11 months old. I’m carrying her in a Manduca, which is a German carrier similar to the ergo baby carrier. babywearing is just the best 🙂

  6. Though you can barely see it, this is my daughter in her baby carrier wrapped close to me, under a huge old coat, in the snows when she was three months old.

  7. My two babies![img][/img]

  8. This is my favorite babywearing picture of all time. My little boy Eli, who is now almost three, had severe persistent asthma as a baby. There was no consoling him other than babywearing. This was our favorite wrap, and I kept a piece of it when I sold it. His asthma is now controlled, but this was one of the most intimate, amazing and nerve wracking times in his life. So glad I have pictures of it.

  9. Here is a picture of my almost 15 month old on my back at the Pumpkin patch this year. He has been worn since birth and still loves to be close by me even as a toddler.

  10. Nap time at this year’s Gloucester, MA cyclocross races. Since I’m usually seen around town carrying my boy, a courier bag and his striding bike, this moment was a refreshing change.

  11. [img][/img]

    Pippa in the ergo with daddy…looking happy and snuggly!

  12. This is my 14 month old and I at the zoo this weekend. Our Kinderpack is super comfy and easy to take on and off so he can run around and hop back up as needed!

  13. In Kyoto, Japan last November. We walked all around that beautiful ancient city with our daughter in the Ergo. A wonderful adventure for all of us!

  14. Here is one I love where my two both fell asleep on the way home. (They both had sleep hoods on for extra head support, which I took off for the picture.)

  15. [img]!/photo.php?fbid=1045945753656&set=a.1045945233643.2009440.1376026492&type=3&theater[/img]

    Harper, 6 hours old, 2009

  16. One of my goals when my now 9-month-old twins first came along was to wear them both…here we are a couple of months ago!

  17. [img]!/photo.php?fbid=1476056788879&set=a.1218163141699.33117.1457497971&type=3&theater[/img

    Jekyll Island GA

  18. From when Isaac was 2 months. He would conk right out in the Moby. Right now he’s 8 months and sleeping in the Ergo on my back (at 23 pounds he’s almost always back-carried now).

  19. Here we are today in Virginia Beach, VA.

    So thankful for my BECO Butterfly II. It is SO easy to use and my little Elise (18m.)has enjoyed it so much that she named it “Carrie”(get it, carry?!). She gets so excited when she sees it and knows that it means snuggle with Mommy and a fun time! I can not say enough about the ease and comfort of the BECO. Thank you BECO, and THANK YOU Mothering for the encouragement!

  20. His and Her Beco’s! My hubs loves to back carry our 3 year old and now we never have to take a stroller we can zip through crowds much easier!

  21. I love carrying my lil guy in my Beco carrier to get things done both inside and out![img] [/img]

  22. I love carrying my lil guy in my Beco carrier to get things done both inside and out![img][/img]

  23. Here’s my little girl at 7 months old, loving her view from mama’s back! She is now a year and I still wear her daily!

  24. We love our Beco so much! This is my husband wearing our sweet girl this summer while we hiked. She loves snuggling close and secure with mommy and daddy!

  25. My little man snuggled close to mommy for a walk around Olbrich Gardens in Madison WI! He was so comfy that he slept the whole 2 hours we were there.

  26. Babywearing in a stretchy wrap through 4 performances of the Passion Play. KB was just six months old- thank goodness for babywearing- I still got to be a part of the choir!

  27. The first day I got her on my back. And she loved it!

    [img]http:[email protected]/6157095870/[/img]

  28. This is one of my favorites. My last baby at around 2 weeks old.


  29. My sweet baby Nate on my back… his favorite way to be carried, as it was the way his foster mother in Korea carried him.

  30. No reason to stop farming! Hay and babies wait for no one, so while the sun shines- strap on the Beco and do both! 🙂 Baby makes the 4th generation to ride along on that tractor and hay wagon.

  31. My boys and I posing with the big witch! Evan, on my back, is about 18m here


  32. Me trying out my Sleepy Wrap, ready to wear the sweet little guy I’m currently wearing in my uterus! lol He will is due in January!!

  33. Baby and I at Sea Life Park in Oahu, Kai loves his beco! Here he had just woken up from a nap and was super happy.

  34. Weird that my pic didn’t show in the original post!


  35. [img]!/photo.php?fbid=10150403858277905&id=650432904&set=a.10150347190697905.389167.650432904&__user=650432904[/img]

  36. My first born at 3 weeks in my not so favorite Kelty carrier, expecting baby number 2 hoping for a better carrier this time around!

  37. Here is a picture of me wearing my daughter Lilly in my moby wrap. She was only 2 months old in this picture and is now 19 months. It is my favorite for 2 reasons. 1-she is wearing a brace and you can’t even tell and 2-she fell right asleep after putting her in it for the first time.

  38. [img][/img]

  39. I’m making cookies with my two year old daughter, while my new little girl is along for the ride in the back of my ERGO carrier! I love this picture. 🙂

  40. my girl loves snuggling her daddy in a carrier! this was awhile ago, but even now at almost 2, it keeps her calm and happy 🙂

  41. The only baby carrier I have… an uncomfortable hand me down, I could definitely use a better one for my now 10 months old!

  42. This was the first one I found on my laptop. Me wearing one of my twins (hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure it’s my son) in a mei tai carrier when they were about 8 weeks old.

  43. Not necessarily my favorite but the only picture I have a me babywearing either of my children. I’m hoping to get a Beco for my third child due in 8 weeks.

  44. This is my daughter in her Beco Butterfly II, on her first backpacking trip! We went to Shi Shi Beach on the Pacific Northwest cost for the weekend when she was 11 months old! Everyone in our group had a chance to wear her and show her all the sights from their perspective. She loved it! Without a carrier like our Beco Butterfly II, a trip like this would not have been possible.

  45. Having 3 kids ages 3 and under requires that I be able to wear at least one baby so I can have my hands free for the other two. (Which are toddlers, and no, not twins!) 🙂

  46. [img][/img]

    This was when DD2 (third child) was just over 2 weeks old. So precious.

  47. At the zoo for the first time. She is 7.5 months. Love my Beco! I would love to give a Beco as a gift to my friend who is a new mother.

  48. Here’s my husband wearing my daughter at our first trip to the beach as a family of 3! She was about 2 or 3 weeks old in this picture.

  49. that last one doesn’t seem to have worked, so here is another. I was helping out at the local ICAN table for Earth day last year. My sleeping baby was in the wrap <3

  50. Mingo Falls – Cherokee, NC. 6 weeks old! Couldn’t have made that hike without our Baby K’Tan! Really want a Beco next!

  51. Little Tessa is in the ring sling, at the time only 2 months old, while her older sister, Mya got to run and play in the water. This was our first family outing to the Siesta Key beach to watch the sunset!!!! This is one of my favorites because 1)I just Love it!! and 2)I love that both my girls are in it!! They are growing so quickly and this is really captures the first family outing!!

  52. Just took this yesterday, it’s kinda goofy, but I love that when I took the RS out of the clean laundry basket, he got all excited wanting me to put him in it! He’s 9 mos old.

  53. Hmm…didn’t post. 🙁 Trying again!


  54. [img][/img]

    This is me with my little pumpkin, enjoying the fall sun. She is 9 months old, and out like a light in this photo.

  55. I love my K’tan carrier! It’s so easy to put him in it when he is fussy and I can actually get something done around the house! I wish I had it the first 6 weeks of his life, but my sister had bought the wrong size. Ah well! I would like an adjustable carrier so my husband can also carry the baby when we go on a walk. 🙂

  56. A recent one that I love. My son is 3.5 years old, this is a Bloo Kangaroo Kanga XTP – a preschooler carrier. I love it: he rides quite high so that he often drapes his arms over my shoulders; I feel so close to him.

  57. We are missionaries in Papua New Guinea, now home in the States, and we use it SOOOooo much walking/climbing through the jungle there. We have had our Beco Baby Carrier for years, now pregnant with our 3rd baby, and still use it a lot, even carrying our 4 year old… and it looks brand new!

    Anyway, enjoy our picture of our little girl Ellia going through the jungle in PNG. 🙂

  58. Babywearing on a hike in the Adirondaks. I love how easy it is to back carry in my Beco Gemini!

    [img]http:[email protected]/6247531882/[/img]

  59. Hope the picture is here!

    [img]http:[email protected]/v2Uh50[/img]

  60. My husband wearing our daughter this past Spring on a family hike. This is an old hand me down Baby Bjorn, now we carry her in a Deuter Kid Comfort II backpack carrier. She loves to ride. New baby due in Dec will start in a Moby and work her way up…

  61. This is my only picture of me baby wearing. This is our second daughter when she was about a month old (taken this summer). All you see are her dangly legs 🙂

  62. My son loves having his afternoon nap in his Beco. It’s our special time of the day — a little walk in the park around 5pm.

  63. My kids and I at the local cider mill[img]!/photo.php?fbid=272268436128385&set=a.264417256913503.65366.100000356915783&type=3&theater[/img]

  64. You can’t see it, but my daughter is in a Catbird Baby Pikkolo under my sweatshirt! Smartest move I ever made, since I couldn’t take a stroller into most of the buildings in Colonial Williamsburg.[img][/img]

  65. [img][/img]

    This is Anderson Ray IV sleeping while riding on daddy’s back – Anderson Ray III

    Love my boys! :o)

  66. Attempt 3


  67. [img]!/photo.php?fbid=1938313549269&set=a.1938306709098.109296.1585316535&type=3&theater[/img]

  68. Babywearing helped keep me sane through days of colic and reflux. My little boy loves to be upright and snuggled close to me. Here we are at the March of Dimes March for Babies. My Beco Butterfly allowed me to volunteer for the 9th year in a row. We were able to get through the crowd easily and he was happy for the 6 hour day of hard work.

  69. I love my Beco gemini but would LOVE to butterfly now that my little guy is getting bigger 🙂 I think the butterfly is more user friendly for back-wearing.

  70. Taken today at NC State Fair on the Ferris Wheel. DS is will be 7 months old on Tuesday. As we walked around, we heard a grandma (held baby in her arms) said “we should’ve gotten THAT”. ^_^

  71. This is me wearing my son just after his first birthday. My son is super active and even when he wants to snuggle he doesn’t want to stop moving to snuggle (which makes for a very cranky boy) I love to take him out for a little snuggle walk when we’ve had a bad day.

  72. This is me wearing my son just after his first birthday. My son is super active and even when he wants to snuggle he doesn

  73. Here is a photo of me and my daughter (who at the time was 15 months old, I believe.) We took her camping in Colorado, but she came down with a cold and had a very difficult, sleepless night. The Beco Gemini saved us the next day because it allowed her to finally get some rest while we hiked. Here she is right before said nap.

  74. I can’t decide!

    We went to DC when DD was 2mold. This is her in her ktan taking a nap. [img][/img]

  75. Not sure why the picture didn’t work.

    Here is a photo of me and my daughter (who at the time was 15 months old, I believe.) We took her camping in Colorado, but she came down with a cold and had a very difficult, sleepless night. The Beco Gemini saved us the next day because it allowed her to finally get some rest while we hiked. Here she is right before said nap.

  76. Still our trip to DC but with both my girls! Rowan 22M and Kiernan 2M. Now #3 is on the way!


  77. We would SOOOOOO love to have a beautiful Beco baby carrier!!! So many of our friends have them & rave about them.

    Nothing beats carrying your child close! I love the scent of my daughter’s wispy hair, the feel of her baby breath & the weight of her heart against mine…I wish she wouldn’t grow quite so fast or that I could at least freeze a few moments like that…

  78. One of my favorite babywearing pictures.. my LO (almost 2 now, only about 3 months in the pic) in my first carrier… a babyhawk MT!

  79. [img][/img]

    Wearing my then 7 month old son at our friend

  80. [img][/img]

    Wearing my then 7 month old son at our friend

  81. [IMG][/IMG]

    My Favorite from my now 3 year old! We were apple picking!

  82. Apple Picking with my now 3 year old:)


  83. We are so thankful for babywearing, Mothering, and Beco! My lil’ girl likes to be just like Mum and Daddy and wear her baby, too. 😀

  84. My husband, a carrier convert, and our beautiful daughter, Rowan (18 mos) after a day at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. We would LOVE a Gemini!!!

  85. Wearing baby Joy. [img][/img]

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