Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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We’ve been encouraging all of you do schedule a 3 hour solo retreat for yourself during the challenge.   A few of you have managed to create a whole weekend for yourselves!   We got this message from a wondering mama on our facebook page:

I have an opportunity to go to Hawaii for 3 nights with some friends. I haven’t left my 22 month daughter overnight before. She doesn’t sleep through the night yet. I nurse back to sleep. I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about leaving her and having my partner lose sleep from trying to get her back to sleep. But I really need this retreat. It’s been a long 22 months of co-sleeping and nursing. Do you have any insights?

The age old question – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I stay or should i go now….

If i go there will be trouble

If i stay there will be double…

– The Clash

We all need time alone.  The big question is when & how.  Big emotions come up as well – anticipation, anxiety, guilt – especially the first time we leave our child.  Whether for an hour, an evening date, or a weekend away, it’s a big leap that first time.

Sometimes it goes smoothly & the child thrives with special time with a partner or loved one.  Sometimes, in hindsight, we wonder if it would have been better to wait.  Sometimes we wait longer than we should out of fear or guilt.


We would love to hear from all of you – have you gone away for one night or more yet?  How did you know when your child was ready?

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