So I’ve got this thing on. I’m testing out the ShouldersBack Lite–it resembles a racer-back bra without boob cups. So, you’ve got your strap around the ribcage, a panel of fabric in the upper back area, and then thick fabric straps that attach to straps that come up on a diagonal through my underarm area. Why, you ask? Because I have not-great posture thanks to a tad bit of scoliosis. Plus, my shoulders naturally curve inward. Nice, right? Very attractive. Partly genetic, from mom AND dad, and also, I spend a lot of time on my dang laptop. So, I am aware of the whole perfect posture thing at the gym but it’s really hard to maintain it during working and living hours. This contraption has been on for all of fifteen minutes but I really like it. It makes me sit up straight, with my shoulders back, very Hepburn-ly (both A. and K.). It teaches the body to do the right thing rather gently, and also makes me engage my core muscles more. Take that, force of habit.

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