Board Signature Allowances

The board signature feature allows members to place an informational signature that will appear at the bottom of each post. Your signature can include text and smilies to convey personal information, favorite quote, etc. You may also place your blog, social media page, or your personal informational website.  


Signatures should not contain links, web addresses or references to promotion, advertising, or business websites, other discussion communities, sales, contests, giveaways, fundraising, etc. Only members who are MDC Advertisers with a current Advertiser Signature packages may mention, link to, or otherwise refer to such in their signatures.

You may share your website, blog and other personal site via their Community Profile which is located in the My Profile Tab under “Edit Community Profile.” Blogs listed in this area are not moderated for promotion.

Please respect the diversity of this community and do not use the signature feature to make statements that are offensive, post text related to abortion or anything sexually suggestive. Please do not place commentary in your signature that reflects disagreements or issues within our community or take issue with the staff or other members. Inappropriate signatures will be removed at the discretion of the administration and the member in violation may lose the signature feature privilege. Please remember that any information disclosed in your signature becomes public information so please use care when revealing personal information about yourself and/or family.

Non-Profit Signatures

Exceptions to the linking and advertising guidelines may be made for a member’s legally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and non-profit charity auctions. Please contact with verification of your 501(c)(3) status to request permission to place your personal non-profit link or charity auction in your signature. If you would like to advertise for a non-profit that is not yours, you may email for approval to host a link to the non-profit in your signature for one month.

To help protect the community, we would only approve signature fundraising for legally recognized non-profits but not for individuals. Fundraising in signatures may only be done with prior written administrator approval and all funds raised must be directed through the actual 501(c)(3) non-profit rather than a third party.

Formatting your Board Signature

You may format your signature with smilies, but please do not enlarge the font size or exceed three lines of single-spaced text. New member signatures are restricted for the first seven days of membership and for the first ten posts. Only paid Mothering Advertisers may self-promote and link to their business websites, business blogs and products in their signatures.

You may place and edit your signature via your My Profile Tab which is located in the purple bar at the top of the site. Click “Edit Signature Text” and type your signature in the text box.

Become a Mothering Advertiser: Business Signature Advertising

Business Signature Advertising entitles you to place your business name and information, hyperlinked to your website, blog, Facebook or email address and brief information about your business or services as a part of your board signature. With the Business Signature Advertiser package, you are given access to The Daily Diaper or WAHM Connect where you may post a ‘single-post-thread’ for your business about your products and services, sales and other information to promote your business. You will also have access to place one thread in our WAHMarket forum where you may post to promote your site and/or services on a daily basis with specials, links, images, etc. during the duration of your Business Signature membership. Your Business Signature may also link to your dedicated thread in our WAHMarket. Users who have paid for signature advertising may place links to their own charity auctions in their signatures provided that they stay within the three line maximum limit. Business avatars are to be non-animated, measuring 100×100 pixels. Business Signature Advertisers are not allowed to promote themselves in the general discussion forums.

All avatars are subject to approval by the board administrators. MDC retains the right to refuse any avatar. Please consider MDC’s Web Statement of Purpose before submitting an avatar to ensure your image is aligned with our community’s purpose.

To Place a Advertiser Signature Package, please click here.

Signature Requirements

Your signature text must keep within a three line limit, which means two lines including your personal information and business advertising information (if you have a Signature Advertising package). Be aware that a hard return (keying the ‘enter’ button) for spacing makes a new line. Lines are counted in single spacing.

You may format your signature with smilies but please keep the font size at no larger than the default board text, size 2.

Please direct any questions to