Simple and Effective Single Oils for Facial Care

I’ve written a lot about all of the reasons why you should switch to authentically organic skin care products.  While there are certainly some wonderful lines for you to choose from, sometimes the best option is to give it a go at home with ingredients you may already have in your pantry.  It will give you a taste of natural skin care, and from there you can decide if you want to explore further by using some of the other lovely products available.


For a simple, but powerful day and nighttime facial moisturizer, choose from any of the oils listed below.  Most of these you can pick up at your local health food store, or online at a trusted supplier such as:  Mountain Rose Herbs, Organic Infusions, or Bulk Apothecary


All of the oils below are readily absorbed by the skin and won’t leave a greasy residue.  Most people will only need a very small amount – 4-6 drops for the entire face and neck! 


  • Almond Oil – Great for all skin types due to it’s close resemblance to sebum – the oil our skin produces naturally – this super moisturizing oil helps to soften, soothe, and recondition the skin. 
  • Grapeseed Oil – Containing between 50-100 micrograms of resveratrol per gram, this antioxidant rich oil has antiviral, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer effects.  In addition to it’s ability to moisturize, the skin of grape seeds contain proanthocyanidins that help to support and preserve collagen and elastin – it is when these two begin to break down that wrinkles form.
  • Hazelnut Oil – Because of its astringent properties, Hazelnut oil is a great option for those with oily skin!  It is also antibacterial, which makes it useful in the treatment of acne and blemishes. 
  • Jojoba Oil – Chemically, Jojoba Oil is the most similar of all oils to sebum.  Because of this, you’ll often see Jojoba as a main ingredient in natural and organic products.  It is emollient, anti-inflammatory, and beneficial in the treatment of acne.  It is odorless, colorless and very stable.   
  • Rosehip Seed Oil – This is a powerful and exquisite one!  If you’re looking for an oil to help prevent and reduce the signs of aging, this is one of the best single oils for the job!  It has a lovely aroma, deep red color, and will also help combat dry skin and scars. 
  • Wheat Germ Oil – Rich in vitamins, proteins, lecithin and squalene, Wheat Germ is another great option for those looking for anti-aging effects.  The squalene is a powerful emollient, and will leave your skin looking supple and healthy!



Amy Paolinelli

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