Skip the Batteries: 5 Simple Toys That Encourage Imaginative Play

Skip the Batteries: 5 Simple Toys That Encourage Imaginative PlayThe best kind of toy is one that can find its way into nearly every game your child dreams up.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift that will be used again and again, skip the batteries, lights and sounds–these simple and versatile picks are more than toys, they’re inspiration for imagination and adventure.

5 Imaginative Play Toys for Kids of All Ages

  • Rainbow Parachute – What can you do with a rainbow parachute? Pretty much anything you like–and that’s the beauty of it! Simple, colorful and perfect for kids of any age, a rainbow parachute can be anything from a tent to party game to a magnificent royal gown. Plus, it takes up almost no space when not in use.
  • Hand Puppets – These classic toys are still a hit with kids for a reason–they allow them to share feelings, be creative and hone their communication skills–plus they’re just plain fun. They’re just as good for playing solo as they are with a group of friends.
  • Magnifying Glass – So many things to magnify! Bugs, leaves, your big toe–the world is full of tiny possibilities when a kid has a magnifying glass in their back pocket. Great for homeschool activities, being a detective or simply exploring the yard–this affordable little tool will continue to engage your child for years to come. 
  • Play Silks – Light as a feather and super durable, a play silk–or whole stash of them–can come along on any adventure a kid can imagine. It’s the ultimate in basic, no frills fun. Watch as these humble squares of fabric take any game–from house to dolls to super heroes or dress-up– to the next level.
  • Wooden Rocker Board – Do the kids need something to work out thier extra energy? How about a race track for cars? Baby cradle? Barricade? Slide? A wooden rocker board has got it covered. The simple yet genius design of this play thing is sure to intrigue anyone who comes across it–even the grown-ups.  

Image: Magic Cabin

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