SoftBums, Bambino Mio and SmartiPants Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Hello, lovely mamas.

Today I am giving away three cloth diapers.

1) Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert…

2) SmartiPants light blue One Size Pocket Diaper with Insert

3) Newborn Bambino Mio Trial Pack, containing 1 polka-dot cover, 1 cotton prefold, and one flushable liner


To enter, please leave a comment stating your preference as to which diaper you’d like to win–and feel free to leave your favorite cloth diaper tip (on washing, drying, getting out stains, etc.), too!

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341 thoughts on “SoftBums, Bambino Mio and SmartiPants Cloth Diaper Giveaway”

  1. I love the Smartipants diaper! I use Babyganics detergent and stain remover on my diapers. They’re safe for the planet, my baby, and the diapers. I spray the stain remover on and let it soak in for about 10 minutes. Then I wash them!

  2. I would love to win the Softbums always wanted to try it

    My best tip is to add a little oxi-clean and lemon juice to the wash and then sun it and it gets the stains right out

  3. I’d love to win the little SoftBums giraffe print – super cute, and looks so soft. I love bamboo inserts.

    My favorite cloth diaper tip – SUN. SUN SUN SUN. Gets the stains out, leaves them fresh and clean and saves energy as a bonus.

  4. Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert

    I hang all my covers (even pocket covers) to dry. It helps extend wear!

  5. tip, SUNSHINE! works wonders for removing stains and drying. I’d like any of the above. newborn set if I had to be forced to choose 🙂

  6. I would love to win the Softbums. My best tip for stinks and stains is to line dry with lots of sunshine.

  7. I’d like to win the soft bums giraffe print. The best tip I have for drying is to have a big enough stash that you can let you diapers line dry for 2 days if you have AIOs.

  8. I’d love to try any of them, but the softbums is my preference!

    My tip is that the best method for getting out stain is sunning them – I am amazed at how well it works! I live in an apartment and we will leave the diapers in the windshield of our car or on a windowsill since we don’t have an area to hang them outside.

  9. I would love to win the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit diaper. It is adorable. My favorite tip is just to wash often, every 2-3 days. I think that is the reason why we don’t have issues with stink and buildup. Plus our diaper pail never gets smelly.
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Sawyer Sundays =-.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try a Softbums!

    My tip includes a 30 minute soak in vinegar before rinsing. Don’t know why, but it always seems to help get the last of the stink out:)

  11. I apparently have breastmilk that stains…not everyone does, if you always have stains on your diapers hang them in the sun. It’s amazing! Even in the winter you can hang them inside, infront of a window….no more stains!!!…..I love the giraffe diaper or the blue one…Thanks for the chance…virginia

  12. oooh…I’d love to try the Soft Bums!

    My best diapering tip is to add a few drops of lavender essential oil during the rinse cycle every once in a while. It really freshens them up!
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..things. =-.

  13. I would love to try the Soft Bums one size!

    I agree with Justine, oxi-clean is a miracle worker! I also swear by using rice paper liners…

  14. I would love to win the Softbums, it is so adorable!

    I’m new to CDing and would love to try a different one size diaper!

  15. I wouldn’t say no to any of these but I would love to try the soft bums. I don’t have any bamboo inserts but would love to win one 🙂 My cloth diaper tip is the sun! It bleaches while it dries and it’s free!

  16. SmartiPants light blue Diaper. Living in Florida it is sunny a lot of the time. I sun dry the diapers every third wash. It keeps my diapers nice and white and keeps them smelling fresh.

  17. I would love to win the Giraffe diaper! So sweet.I add a small amount of vinegar to the diaper pail. This helps with odor!

  18. I’d like to win wither SmartiPants diaper or the PerfectFit (SmartiPants,ifi have to choose just one).

    Thank you!

  19. Smartpants, please.

    Can’t say enough about line drying diapers in the sun to disinfect them. I’ve started doing a cold water rinse every other day in a “wonderwash” counter top washer to stretch the number of days between loads in the actual washing machine.

  20. I don’t have a preference I haven’t tried any of these yet and would love to try any of them! Right now we use fitted diapers and covers/wool for my 15 MO daughter. We used pre-fold and covers with her in the beginning and plan to use that same system with a new baby coming in October. My cloth diapering tip…hmmmm…I guess it would be try and try again. We tried lots of different diapers before finding the ones that work best for us. Diaperswappers is a WONDERFUL place that offers a FSOT forum where you can buy and sell used to help with this process 🙂

  21. Would LOVE the Soft Bums for my little one on the way! Just 3 more weeks! Best tip? I use Charlie’s soap, and do a vinegar soak before washing.

  22. I would love to try the Soft Bums!

    The sun is my secret stain weapon! We’ve been using the same prefolds for over a year and you’d never guess.

  23. I would love to win the soft bums!

    My secret weapon to having nice clean smell free diapers is Rockin Green! That stuff is amazing. A must have for washing CDs!

  24. I’d love to win #2, OS light blue pockets.

    The best tip that I learned about taking care of ammonia smell on diapers; soak the diapers for 10 minutes in cold water and 1/4-1/3 cup of vinegar. Then wash as usual. It works every time.

  25. I would love to win any out of the three although my favorite is the giraffe soft bum.

    Tip – Washable cloth pail liners. I have two, and I love that I don’t have to touch the dirty diapers, I just dump the diapers in the washer and put the liner in with it all.

  26. I love the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Diaper! It is super cute!

    My best tip is to sprinkle a bit of baking soda in the pail about mid way through it getting full. This way it keeps the odors down and is a perfect laundry boost when you soak and/or wash!

  27. I love all three! But since my wee one is alomost three probably the soft buns.

    I have a front loader, but when I had a top loader I will fill the washer with cold water and drop my diapers in all day at night I would restart it with a mild detergent, then wash them again in hot with no detergent and let them dry overnight.

  28. I’d love to try the SoftBums. How adorable! And my favorite tip is to line dry. Nothing gets the stain and stink out like it.

  29. My tip is Bac-Out! I mix about 50/50 BacOut and water in a little spray bottle and just give a little (or more for the overnight diaper) spray before I put them in the pail and my pail never smells!

    I’ve actually been wanting to try the Softbums! My little guy has some serious thighs and I would love to find a diaper that could fit his trim waist and chunky thighs!

  30. Love the adorable Soft Bums Giraffe Print!

    I soak/rinse in cold and put in a few drops of tea tree oil — to kill yeast which we’ve had issues with. Then I wash using Charlie’s soap in hot with another few drops of tea tree oil. Dry on low heat.

  31. I would love the softbums giraffe print diaper. I find that on the aio diaper if you turn in inside out then it dries a lot faster. We have only been using cloth for a couple of weeks and love them.

  32. soft bums. haven’t tried any of them, but those giraffes are so stinkin’ cute… gettin’ out stains? who cares! diapers can be stained!

  33. I would love #1 or #2 to try since my little one is not a newborn!

    I love cleaning with vinegar and baking soda for a natural and safe cleaner and am new to cloth diapering so I dont have a specific tip.


  34. Ooh, giraffes!

    Tip of the day: As your baby gets older, don’t be afraid to change up your wash routine if you find you don’t need the presoak for, say, a two year old.

  35. I’ll take one of the giraffe print onesizers–adorable!

    Best laundry tip for CDs? SUNSHINE! Miraculous stain remover 🙂

  36. I would love to win the smartipants!!! My best tip: Read the posts for tons of solutions to problems and reviews!

  37. I would love the Soft Bums or Smarti-pants one-size diapers!

    I use country save detergent and have had no problem keeping my diapers clean and white. If they need a little freshening up I hang them out in the sun, it works wonders!

  38. I would love to try Soft Bums!

    My tip is to leave a stained diaper out in the sun for several hours after soaking or washing for a natural bleaching affect.

  39. I love the soft bums giraffe print diaper! My son would look so cute in it. 🙂 I had a really bad smell problem with my diapers, so I added vinegar and baking soda to the wash and rinsed until there were no more suds. It took care of the smell!

  40. I love the giraffe one! so cute! All in ones are my favorite and hanging them in the sun works great for stains.

  41. I would love to try the SoftBums giraffe print! We might have already outgrown newborn sizes (both twins already over 10#!) and we have several Smartipants – in fact, those are my favorite so far. I also agree that drying in the sun as much as possible helps keeps things bright and smelling fresh!

  42. I would love to win the smartipants diaper (#2, shown in blue). I have yet to own any non disposable diapers, so i don’t have any tips… except that they should be used! Babies aren’t made to sit in chemical infested disposables! 🙂

  43. i would love to win the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Diaper with an organic bamboo insert

  44. I’d love the Smartipants! My biggest tip would be to start simple and just jump right in! It seems overwelming at first, but with a cheap stash of quality prefolds and covers you can be on your way! Then try the other stuff if you want to. (I did the opposite and tried a little of everything before settling for easy care prefolds as my go-to! 🙂 )

  45. I would like to win any of them! I have a baby on the way and a 19 month old.

    Biggest tip- bacout! Keeps the pail smelling fresh and keeps Lingering odors away from the dipees

  46. I am completely new to cloth diapers. We’re due in September so I would be grateful to win any of these to find out what we really like that we can work with. I am excited about this challenge. Soft Bums Giraffe Print is awfully cute though!!!

  47. Would love the Bumis Giraffe print!

    Am currently using prefolds! Just switched to cloth diapers 2 months ago and am loving every minute of it! 🙂 Have been using Charlie’s soap for washing, and to get the stains out really good I line dry them in the sun! 🙂

  48. I would love any of the three diapers. I dont have any tips yet, I am new to cloth diapers. I am reading some great tips though! Thanks ladies!

  49. we love them all! especially the giraffe or the smarty pants one!

    and my CD tip? vinegar, once every 5-8 washes, instead of cloth friendly detergent. no smells, and great absorbancy!

  50. ooooo the SOFTBUMS!!!! I LOVE these diapers but only have one that I got used, I didn’t know they have prints now!!!

  51. Love the giraffes, and I use smartipants at home. My tip? Always buy bottoms one size larger…little bubble butts 🙂

  52. I would love to win the Soft Bums Giraffe One Size Diaper.

    Really, washing cloth diapers is so simple. I use Chinese Prefolds, and all I really do is spray the stained ones with Bac-Out, WORKS WONDERS!!!!!

    When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, the best and easiest solution is to hang them up to dry in direct sunlight.

    Always use an extra rinse cycle, to get all the soap out. I also like using a few drops of lavender essential oils during my wash 🙂

  53. I love the Soft Bums because it’s one size and the insert is organic! I’m excited to try cloth diapers for the first time for my new baby. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  54. Would love the Soft Bums Giraffe Print or the SmartiPants light blue. I would have said the last one too but my 1 month wont fit in newborn anymore…

    I wish I had a good tip but I love reading everyone elses as I am super new to cloth diapering!

  55. Oooh! The Soft Bums giraffe print or SmartiPants! I don’t think my toddler would fit the newborn pack. 🙂

    YAY for giveaways!

    My CD washing tip: Dryer balls. I air dry my cloth diapers, but use a lot of prefolds, so to soften them up a bit after they’re line-dried, I toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes with 2 dryer balls and they’re soft & ready to go!

  56. love all of them, but adore the giraffe! thanks for the lavender drop tip jasmin, will try that. i use oxyclean and hand wash cold followed by hot wash with ecofriendly detergent. extra rinse.

  57. SmartiPants light blue One Size Pocket Diaper with Insert

    After reading this month’s issue on cloth diapering my husband and I are making the switch at home, but need to get our supply started. Thanks to everyone for all the tips & tricks!!

  58. I would love any of them but would probably choose the SmartiPants light blue One Size Pocket Diaper with Insert. My tip for easy cloth diapering is to just throw the diapers in the open, empty washer all day and run it in the evening. Any stains go outside for sunning in the morning. It stops me from getting behind!

  59. Love the Soft Bums! Great pattern too!

    Since I didn’t start with CD until DS only needed night time “pull-ups” I don’t have a lot of tips. I do use an extra rinse as previous post said, it gets all of the detergent out!

  60. I would love to win the soft bums for my cousin who is a brand-new Momma!

    Cloth diapering tip….stick with it if at first you are having difficulties, soon it will be second nature!

  61. I’m not a mom yet, heck not even pregnant yet but we’re trying! I look forward to cd’ing and absolutely *LOVE* that giraffe print one!

  62. I love the Soft Bums Giraffe Print. So cute!

    Cloth diapering tip? We used a sprayer and liners to go over the prefold once our daughter was eating solids. I used diaper-friendly detergent (Allen’s) and would sometimes use vinegar in the rinse cycle and some tea tree oil in the wash or rinse.

  63. I would love to try the smartipants! My advice to anyone who cloth diapers is BUY THE SPRAYER. It makes cloth diapering a breeze!

  64. I would love the Soft Bums Giraffe Print or the SmartiPants light blue. The elastic is wearing out on my diapers, so it’s time to try out some new ones!

    My tip: I use Dawn dishsoap every 5 or so washings and it keeps them from getting stinky. I also use vinegar!

  65. I would love the soft bums giraffe print or the SmartiPants light blue one.

    I am new to cloth diapering – I actually havent started with them yet. I am currently liking the Huggies little snugglers disposables. I want to start cloth diapering but my husband is not so sure about it. So if I can get a few free diapers that might help convince him.

  66. Soft Bums or Smartipants–the newborn won’t fit my daughter anymore.

    I like to use white vinegar during the last rinse cycle to remove any odors–works great!

  67. Would love any, but the giraffe print is probably my favorite. My best tip isn’t any secret, but drying them outside on the line whitens and deodorizes better than any product on the market!

  68. I have to say they are all just too cute! I would feel blessed to get any of them!

    For stinky diaper pails, make a thick paste out of baking soda, water and a few good drops of tea tree oil. Pack into muffin tins and allow to dry for a couple days. Drop one of these into the bottom of your dry pail each time you change it. When you wash the diapers just drop it into the wash right along with them!

    I agree with Jasmin as well, nothing beats a line dried, sun shined diaper!

  69. I’d love to win the newborn trail package as we are expecting our third child in September when our daughter will only be a fresh one year old. 😉 I want to try out prefolds so this would be a great addition to our small stash!

  70. The Soft Bums is so stinkin’ cute! My pick for sure! I learned by trial and error, always pre-rinse and use an extra rinse cycle as well. It will make sure all the stinkies are washed away!
    .-= Ida Mae Campbell´s last blog ..My View =-.

  71. Hit submit too soon!

    I LOVE using baking soda because it really boosts the cleaning power to get out stains!

  72. I like the Soft Bums!

    I use Charlie’s soap (1/2 tablespoon) and it gets all the stains out! I also do an extra hot rinse to get the soap out!

  73. I would love the newborn Bambino bc I didn’t start using cloth until my son was about 6 mos. I’m pregnant and will be using only cloth on this little one, and right now I have no newborn sized diapers.

    Tip: line dry (as someone already said) does great work on stains.

  74. I would love to win the giraffe diaper! I keep trying to get my husband to let me buy some print diapers but he won’t let me….but maybe if he saw how cute they were he would get on board!

    I use Tide Original for my diapers and it works great! It’s the only detergent that doesn’t leave my diapers stinky!

  75. I love the soft bums Giraffe…so darn cute! The SmartiPants pocket diaper is rather neat too.

    I love cloth diapers and line drying them to let mother nature work her magic on any stains. And a line full of diapers is the best laundry to have on the line.

  76. I didn’t use cloth diapers with my first baby, but I’m thinking about doing it with my next. Winning free cloth diapers in a giveaway would certainly give me a push in that direction! I really like the Bambino Mio because it comes with a flushable liner.

  77. LOVE the giraffes, but the light blue is nice, too…sadly, the adorable newborn size just won’t cut it for my toddler!

    And I WISH I had good tips to share, but alas, I’m finding myself with terrible diaper stink problems, despite trying vinegar, baking soda, different detergents, water softeners, and rinsing the heck out of them, so please, keep the suggestions coming!!

  78. I’d love to try either the Smartipants or the Soft bums! My only tip has already been said- strip with dawn when they get stinky.

  79. I like the 2nd diaper, though they are all awesome!

    I have had 4 kiddo’s in CD’s and the best tip for diapers (along with all the rest of the washing/drying cleaning stuff) is to Sun them. The SUN has such power- to remove many stains and air them out fully. The Wind blow’s away those leftover smells (even though you’ve washed till you are silly). Then, once they are dry throw them in the dryer for a little while to soften them up.
    .-= Kellie aka Yarngoddess´s last blog ..New Days =-.

  80. My daughter has used cloth diapers for both her babies and absolutely loves them! My little granddaughter is almost eight months old and is beginning to crawl. She would look absolutely adorable in either the Soft Bums Giraffe print or the SmartiPants light blue! What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! As far as tips go, I remember the sun as being my best friend…which my daughter agrees with! However, vinegar is also useful to keep odours away…so sun and vinegar…the way to go for stain-free fresh smelling diapers!

  81. I’d love the Soft bums one! So cute! I’ve got a little one on the way and a toddler, so a one size would be perfect.

    My best tip? If you have a super water saving front loader, and you need more water, just let it fill up, start spinning, then stop it and top it off with 3 more gallons of water. Makes the diapers SUPER clean and stink free. Sometimes these low water washing machines are just a bit too water saving.

  82. I would love to try the Smartiepants or Soft bums. I haven’t used either one as I am new to CD.

  83. Would love to try either Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert or SmartiPants light blue One Size Pocket Diaper with Insert.

    I’m new to cloth diapering, but the most amazing thing I’ve discovered is the suns ability to get stains out… craziness!

  84. I would love the Softbums one…and I don’t have tips yet as I won’t start diapering until August!!

  85. I would love the softbums or the newborn diaper… both are so cute. I already have and love Smartipants!

    Tip – I use all-in-ones or hybrids (like GroBaby or Flip with disposable insert) when I leave the house. The all-in-ones are nice because I don’t have to deal with removing the pee-soaked insert in public (just stuff the whole thing in my diaper bag), and the hybrids are nice to just toss the dirty part and reuse the shell. I also sometimes use Smartipants when I’m out and about because you can leave the insert in those and they come out in the wash.

  86. I like the SmartiPants light blue One Size Pocket Diaper with Insert.

    As for a tip, I use baking soda and vinager once every 3 washes. Helps a ton with the smell and makes them look so much better!

  87. I love the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Diaper with an organic bamboo insert!

    Doing a quick dry before hanging diapers outside tends to help kill any smell issues before they can start!

  88. Soft bums with organic bamboo insert!!

    Best way to get out stains – use the power of the sun! It’s free and eco-friendly.

  89. I would LOVE the giraffes! We are HUGE giraffe fans here! I’m new to cloth (about a month) so I don’t yet have any tips, but would definately welcome some! 🙂

  90. Oooh, thanks for asking people to post tips! We’re still relatively new to cloth diapering so don’t have any to share yet but I’m definitely taking notes on what others say! We’d love the chance to try either of the one-size diapers.

  91. LOVE the softbums but any and all would be GREAT! No tips yet as we’re still 6 months new to cloth, but are definitely in love!

  92. We are new to CD and expecting a wee one in just a few weeks, so any of them would be great! The Soft Bums is super cute!

    Loving all the washing tips!

  93. I would love to win either the Smartipants light blue or the giraffe soft bums, which is the cutest.

    My CD tip to get rid of stains is sunning, you don’t need a clothes line I’ve been know to lay the diapers in the back window of our car or on a towel on the driveway. Nothing works like the sun. and always us the extra rinse if it is available on your machine, it really does make a difference.

  94. I love the SoftBums! Those giraffes are stinking adorable!

    My CD tip: I keep a spray bottle with a water/white vinegar mixture in it near my diaper pail. If a diaper is looks like it will be in danger of staining, I lightly spray the fleece/suede cloth inner before dropping it in.
    .-= Emilie´s last blog ..Thankfully Thursday =-.

  95. I love the soft bums giraffe print!

    I like to sprinkle baking soda directly on my diapers in the pail to help absorb odor and help them come extra clean in the wash.

  96. I think the giraffe print is adorable, but I’d love any nb diapers – I didn’t start CDing until my dd was 6 months. I’m now due with baby #3 and have NO nb sizes yet! My best tip – Washable and flushable biodegradable liners!!!

  97. We’d love either the giraffe print one-size or blue one-size! (since my son is no longer a newborn)

    My favorite diaper tip: Bac-Out for stinky diapers and stains! I am also a big fan of the occasional “hot-wash-with-no-detergent” trick to strip dipes and remove buildup.

  98. I love them all, but really love the giraffe print!

    My favorite washing tip is air drying! We just put up a clothesline a few weeks ago and have been mostly air drying the diapers. They get soooo clean and smell great! I think this will help them last longer which is fantastic because I am 4 weeks away from my due date with # 3!!!

  99. I’d love the giraffes or the light blue. My LO is too big for the newborns. =) My favorite tip is free — use the power of the sun to remove stains.

  100. I love the SoftBums!! That giraffe print is to die for!!

    My CD tip: before washing run your dipes through a rinse only cycle. I’ve found this helps keep stains and any stubborn smells at bay. I also run my dipes with vinegar which helps keep everything nice!

  101. I would love to try a Bambino Mio! My best tip is to sun bleach the diapers as much as possible. Keeps them fresh and makes those stains disappear in a hurry.

  102. I know it’s already been said, but I cannot emphasize enough the value of the sun! I live in the NW and hardly ever see that big yellow ball, but even if I wait all winter long the stains will COME OUT if I leave them out for a sunny afternoon in the spring/summer time.

    My little boy is doing so well with cloth diapers. They are the best! He’s 11 1/2 months.

    The giraffe print for SURE! Super cute!

  103. All three of those diapers look amazing!

    I have used Fuzzi Bunz with my son, although he is potty-trained now, and I would love to be able to try out some other brands.

    My favorite laundering tip is always line-dry, especially in the sun, if you can, it helps to get out some of the stains. Plus, it makes the diapers smell so fresh!

  104. Love love love the giraffe soft bums!

    Vinegar along with baking soda works wonders for stains. Hanging in the sunlight is a natural bleacher!

  105. Love them all! Wish I had a tip to share– we just started cloth diapering! Love the tip about a vinegar/water spray bottle- I’ll try it today! Thanks!

  106. I would love the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert! I currently use only prefolds and have tried another all in one diaper, but I wasn’t pleased with it. I would love to see if this diaper can change my mind!

    My favorite diaper tip is to add some essential lavender oil and tea tree oil to the diaper pail while they are soaking- the tea tree is a natural antiseptic and the lavender keeps the smell down!

  107. I like to dry diapers in the sunshine to keep them white while saving $$ and energy, too!

    p.s. My favorite of the three choices is #1) Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Diaper

  108. We would LOVE the Giraffe diaper – seriously cute!!

    Currently we pre-wash in cold, hot wash with 1/2 detergent & scoop of oxy, and then 2nd rinse with tea tree oil or lavender for disinfectant. I did not like the smell of vinegar. It does feel like A LOT of water usage though so I look forward to reading some of the other posts and see if we can do something different!

  109. I would love to win the newborn polk-a-dot. My baby is due next month and am going to start cloth diapers from day one this time. My son only wore them from 10 months on because we had no washer/dryer.

    I love to know that after I load the washer with soiled diapers I can wash my hands, it makes it less gross. The sun is the best way to get out stains. No bleach in this house please.

  110. I’d love a one-size – the blue or the giraffe print. I like to put baking soda in my diaper pail to help neutralize order. Then I add vinegar to the final rinse in the washing machine to help work the baking soda out (and also neutralize odor).

  111. I would LOVE to win the Softbums! I’ve been wanting to try these for a while. I make my own diaper detergent, and alternate using that and Tiny Bubbles which is great!

  112. I’d love the Smartipants!

    Tip: give CDing a try – it’s so much easier than I thought it would be.

  113. i like the smarti pants blue one!!!

    i have no “tips” but i just do a cold rinse and then a hot wash with all free and clear and dry my diapers on a rack. it works great for us and have had no issues!!!

  114. I would love to try the Soft Bum diaper with the giraffe print. My son loves giraffes. I currently use Bum Genius and I love the liners, they help keep the diapers stain free.

  115. Hmmmmm- would love to try any of them. New to cloth diapering so anxious to find my fav. But the Soft bum is just too cute!!

  116. I’d love to win the bigger sized diapers. My son is 22 months.

    My best tip is washing with a vinegar rinse- it takes the smell right out!

  117. I like the giraffe one, it is so cute, or the newborn one. I like adding vinegar or baking soda to get smells out. Use with caution

  118. i like the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert. My tip is a baby oxyclean soak for all poopy diapers after they have been dunked and rinsed that helps prevent staining.

  119. I’d love to win SmartiPants or Soft Bums!

    My daughter turns one this Saturday and we’ve been CD since she was 2 months old. Hmmm… I think a tip would be to use diaper liners once they start eating solids, it’s so easy to lift off and flush the poop down the toilet!

  120. I’d love to try the Soft Bums. I’ve got a 19m daughter and am expecting a son next month, so I can test if it’s REALLY a one-size diaper 🙂

    My favorite way to avoid stains is to use liners. I have some thin cotton, washable liners, as well as some of the flushable biodegradable ones.

  121. Ooohhh, Soft bums for me!

    My tip is to buy extra inserts for pockets and snap-ins. The outers dry faster than the inserts, use the diaper, wash nightly and then stuff with dry inserts in the morning while yesterdays inserts are not quite dry. Saves money and space!

  122. I’d take just about any of them. I am hesitant to start on cloth diapers for the initial investment.

  123. I would LOVE the Soft Bums ;).. I plan to knit my own wool soakers so we don’t need anything with a pul cover..

    Our tip is to use GSE if your lo has thrush – many times we’re told to stop using cloth with thrusth, but of course, disposables do not breath!!! thankfully the GSE Kills the yeast.. – adding at least 20 drops should do the trick. keep it up until the thrush has gone 🙂 also, washing on 60 C kills the yeast too..

    sunshine – gets out all the stains 😉

    the heat sets stains, so do a cold water wash first to help lift the stains – then follow by hot to get them clean – and avoid the dryer until you stains are gone.. or you can avoid the dryer period; and save on your electric bill and the earth 🙂

  124. I like the softbums diaper it is so masterfuly crafted! All though I think the smarti pants are very ingenious as well.

    I like to pre scrub my cloth diapers with castiel soap then throw in the wash. I have also found that a changing pad works well as a cloth insert as well!

  125. Either of the one-size! I have only used Bum Genius 3.0, and I love them, but I would love to try another brand as well!

    My laundry tip: LIME JUICE! I tried vinegar to remove odor, but I didn’t like the smell so I used lime juice and it worked! Amazing!

  126. Love the Soft Bums Giraffe print!

    I use simple green to pretreat any stains. I don’t have a single stain in my collection. Just using it as a pretreatment also keeps smells away from our diaper pail. 🙂

  127. I would love the soft bums or the smartipants!

    My best tip is to use Allen’s Naturally for detergent. First load with cold water and half a scoop of soap, second load with hot water and no soap. That detergent rinses clean away and we never had stinky diapers or any issues with repelling!

  128. Softbums! My best advice is to rinse rinse rinse, I have a he and hard water and the only way my diapers stay clean is to rinse 3 times. It’s still less water than a traditional machine , and I rarely have to strip my diapers

  129. The Softbums is adorable, but I’m really interested in trying a Smartipants, I hear a LOT of good things.

    I presoak mine in Sun (generic) oxycleaner before washing, extra rinse and hot water then line dry.

  130. I’d love to win the Smartipants pocket!

    I love using vinegar in the rinse cycle and Bac-Out periodically. It helps to take out the smell that can accumulate. Also, now that the warmer weather has arrived, I look forward to hanging our cloth out to dry. Just a quick tumble in the dryer afterwards can take out the crispiness of line drying. But there’s nothing like the fresh air smell, the natural sun-bleaching and saving energy!

  131. I’d love to win the SmartiPants or Soft Bums! I have no diaper tip to leave, as I am wanting to try cloth diapers for the first time after reading the article in mothering this month! When we had our son 2 years ago I wanted to cloth diaper him, but my hubby was so vehemently anti-cloth diapering he refused to even try them, so we ended up using disposables… 🙁 I still really would like to try!

  132. Love those little giraffes on the soft bums!! My best tip is stick with it!! We have had ebbs and flows of being really committed to cloth, and times when it was causing a lot of stress. Do the best you can and don’t give up!

  133. I’d like the softbums giraffe! =)

    For washing…I use Country Save detergent…which i buy in bulk from and do the subscribe and save…free shipping plus a 15% discount!! great deal!

    I do a wash every night or two…short wash on cold cold with a small amount of detergent, then a whites wash with a smaller amount of detergent…i’ve been using the dryer but hope to get a clothes line installed soon!

  134. I would love to win any! I want to switch to cloth but don’t know what kind to go with. Trying out anything would be a great help in getting started in cd! Thanks!

  135. I<3 the light blue:D (#2) and number 1!! both are super cute!! i want to thank you guys for doing the giveaways! these are amazing! as for tips I dont have any as we are new to cloth diapering sooo all these tips are a huge help thanks ladies!

  136. I would like either the softbums or the smartipants, but I have a friend who is expecting a newborn, so I guess I would take any of them! I find that line drying my diaper inserts in the sunshine gets them really white!

  137. I would love the Soft Bums!

    When my fleece covers start to wear out and leak, I use home made wool wash on them!

  138. I love the Soft Bums…so cute and looks comfy too! I line dry my diapers so the sun bleaches them and due to the hard water where I live I have to use vinegar with an extra rinse so they don’t smell like ammonia.

  139. I’d be happy to have the SmartiPants!

    We have a HE front-loading washer. We don’t soak our dipes, but we do a pre-wash cycle, then a full-length cycle, all on hot. Extra rinses, too. This gets out everything!

  140. i’d actually love any of them but especially the newborn bambino mio. we’re stocked with prefolds and covers ourselves and our baby is older, but friends of mine are adopting a newborn from dss (any minute now!) and have NOTHING because they just found out about the baby (they adopted the older sibling a few years ago and we’re not expecting this). they want to cloth diaper but are understandably overwhelmed right now. this might be an adorable little push in the right direction for them!

    i am lucky enough to have a service for the prefolds, and i just wash the covers in some tiny bubbles in the machine or hand wash with my olive oil bar soap if i need the cover before i get around to laundry. (i’ve found that olive oil soap will get out anything! 🙂

  141. i would love to try the Newborn Bambino Mio Trial Pack. i’ve a new baby on the way and would love to try this as i’m not sure how well our BG 3.0s will really work for a newborn.

    we too use less detergent (Country Save), with an extra cold rinse on either side of a hot wash and it works great!

  142. I’d like to try the Smartipants. Looking for something that would help me cloth-diaper my daughter for the night.

    My tip is not about washing, but something for moms on a tight budget. I made my doublers/inserts out of a few old prefolds: Cut them in thirds across (this way you will have the thicker section in the middle of each liner- works best for girls) and just zigzag-stitch or serge the open ends. I got three doublers out of each prefold- a cheap but fabulous alternative!

  143. I would LOVE the soft bums!

    The best thing that I found to help with stains is to rinse out the diapers before putting them in the pail and then to remember that cold wash-no detergent-before the warm one with detergent!

  144. I would love to try the soft bums! I love the giraffe print.

    As for a tip, others may throw tomatoes, but I’ve found the occasional use of bleach (gasp!) to work well to keep the stink away from pockets.
    .-= labelsareforjars´s last blog ..Filtering: For Real or for Comfort? =-.

  145. I would love the SoftBums!!

    My tip: KISS! Keep It Simple Sweetie! I wash in cold using 1/4 the recommened amount of Purex Free and Clear and 1/2 cup Baking Soda, then wash in hot with no detergent and dry. Sun out stains.

  146. I would love to try the softbums because I love the absorbancy of bamboo dipes. My tip is to use dryer balls after yo sun dry your dipes to make them nice and soft. They also make the dipes dry faster if u r just using the dryer.

  147. I would love to try the Soft Bums with the organic bamboo insert. Feeling overwhelmed at the time of my son’s birth, I passed on my initial desire to cloth diaper, thinking disposables would be easier on my brain. Well, after 11 months of those disposables, I’m now trying cloth. I was wondering if it was “too late to bother”… but then I figured my son would likely be in diapers at least another year, and I believe that year would be better spent in cloth. I’m starting my “diaper trials” with prefolds and covers which should arrive in the mail soon. I’m excited but also a bit intimidated – though I know it all just takes practice. 🙂

  148. Enter me for the Softbums giraffe print! Cute!

    My tip would be to put your diapers in the dryer for 10 or 15 minutes prior to (or after) line-drying to fluff up the fibers and get rid of that stiff feel.

  149. I would love the Soft Bums or SmartiPants!!

    I use Bac-Out to get out the stains and sometimes just spray some in my diaper pail to control odors. Also, we use Crunchy Clean diaper detergent and it works fantastic on not just our dipes but all of LO’s clothes too!

  150. I would love any of these.I would use the Softbums or the smartipants on my little one and i teach a cloth class so the Newborn Bambino Mio Trial Pack would be a GREAT addition for my class.

    As far as washing, I’m a k.i.s.s. kind of girl: cold/cold double rinse with no detergent then hot/cold double rinse with half detergent. I use All free and clear.

  151. Softbums are one of our favorite diapers and who could pass up the giraffe print?!

    The best tip I’ve learned in cloth diapering a heavy wetter (or one that likes to save it all up for hours!) is to use a fleece liner in your dipes. It helps to soak up the initial hit and give the diaper time to do it’s job. Fleece liners have saved us a lot of leaks!!

  152. I would love to win the newborn diaper since I am expecting my first in September. While I don’t have a tip yet I have learned that I may need to use a couple of different brands of cloth diapers with my child rather than just sticking to one brand.

  153. I would greatly appreciate the Softbums please!

    I don’t have washing tips – in fact I am in need of some!

  154. I would love the Soft Bums!

    After washing in hot water – line dry! The sun naturally bleaches out any left over stains.

  155. I would love to try the smartipants, was just considering buying one to try out!

    I don’t have any washing tips, had horrible stink issues when we CDed DS, but am trying again with DD. Definitely copying down other’s tips!!

  156. I don’t know which one I’d like since I have never cloth diapered. I have wanted to, but have always been so overwhelmed by all the dizzying choices and the initial outlay of $. I’d be happy to try any that would fit my 9mo, 28″, 19lb baby girl.

  157. Gosh, all of these diapers look great, but I am a sucker for the Soft Bums because of the cute print! I don’t have any good diapering tips since i am still waiting on Baby #1, but I’d love to soak up the wisdom of other parents. Thanks for the opportunity!

  158. I am a one size snap girl! I don’t venture very far from that so I would love to try the SmartiPants!

  159. I like the giraffe one! The tip I have is to put a strip of velcro on or near your changing table to hang out diaper covers to air out in between changes. I did not come up with this on my own, but I use it and it works great! Now If only I could hang a strip of snaps for the non-velcro covers we have…

  160. I would love to try the Newborn Bambino Mio Trial Pack. I am due in October and have been trying to decide between pre-fold or fitted pocket for my newborn, I already have Fuzzi Bunz in Med. for the remaining months.

    Washing Tip: Cold Rinse, Hot was with very little detergent and Second Rinse to ensure all detergent residue is removed. I really like Charlie’s Soap…I use it for all our clothes!

    Thanks a bunch!!

  161. I would love the newborn trial pack.

    My tip is to put vinegar into the fabric softener compartment – it helps keep the diapers smelling fresh and clean. They smell like vinegar coming out of the washing machine, but smell fresh and clean after the dryer or clothes line.

  162. I would love to win Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper.

    Giraffe print is sooooo cute!!

    I try to line dry diapers especially ones with velcro.

  163. I would love to try Soft Bums Giraffe. I love diapers that would be good for a girl or a boy… because they last through more than one kid. That’s my favorite part about cloth.

    I make my own detergent with washing soda, borax, and castille soap. It is so easy, and it gets my diapers perfectly clean.

    Fingers crossed!

  164. I would love the softbums or the newborn trial pack to give my friend planning a homebirth due tomorrow!

    I just today pulled out a CD insert to cover the top of my friend’s chest then she was nursing her newborn in her moby wrap, she lowered baby and breast went way up so it was full on flash for passerbys…Baby was fussy with nowhere to sit my friend was quite uncomfortable to be all that exposed… So I tucked the insert under the straps across the top so there was not so much flesh. The redness in her cheeks dissapeared almost immediately! …And thanks to a cold rinse+hot wash routine, no stains on the diaper which would have made it identifiable!

  165. I am a new mom-to-be with a baby due in June and would love to win the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert!!

  166. My little guy would love to try and Soft Bums giraffe print.

    Tips for diapering: We always use a micro fleece liner which helps keep him dry and a wet diaper pail system with vinegar and water which really reduces stains and rinses any deterget residue.

  167. I would love to try any of these, but am especially curious about the soft bums. I have to admit that i am new to cloth diapering and have bought a couple dozen all in ones, and about 15 g diapers for my son who is due any day now. Also curious on how effective the one size fits all are…?

    I have heard that line drying helps removes stains, as well as diluted lemon juice…

  168. I would love the newborn one, as I am due in a few weeks!! But really any would be great!

    My tip is for washing your wool covers – use wool wash with Lanolin. It is so much simpler, and you only have to re-lanolize your wool every 3 months or so that way, instead of every 3 weeks (or more often).

  169. Softbums or Smartipants would be fun to try!

    Cold rinse, no detergent. Hot/cold wash with Country Save or Allen’s, followed by a rinse. Then, hang on line to dry and sun.

  170. I would LOVE #1 or #2. My ‘tip’ is to always line dry in the sun. Fortunately in Colorado this is something we can do year round.

  171. softbums or smarty pants please.

    I use bac-out for stains and just spray before I wash. and if the weather allows I hang to dry in the backyard. the sun bleaches the rest of the stains… seems to work well enough.

  172. I would LOVE theSoft Bums Giraffe Print! So cute!’

    My tip is to line dry when ever possible! It saves in energy costs, the sun does amazing things for stain removal and there is something that just feels right about hanging diapers out on the line. Plus, I just just the tabs on the covers so I don’t need to use clothes pins on that part!

  173. I would love to win any of the diapers. We are use the bum genius brand but would like to see how the others work (we have had a lot of problems with leaking). We usually soak the diapers for a half hour and then wash twice with an extra rinse cycle (nothing special but I love reading these extra tips).

  174. wow! the giraffe print is oh-so-cute ! id try any of them since theyre all new to me! i dont have too many tips since i just started CD (we have a 2 week old)but i really like using wool covers!

  175. I would love the Soft Bums Giraffe print or the newborn diaper as I am expecting my first in August.

  176. Hello,

    I would love the Newborn Bambino Mio Trial Pack as I need to get some newborn diapers with the new one on the way.

    My tip is I love the sun! There is nothing better at getting out stains than laying your diapers in the sun for the day.

  177. Oooo, i would love to win any of those, if i had to choose, I love the soft buns one size diaper. CLoth diaper tip: empty pockets make good swim diapers!

  178. I would love to win the Soft Bums with the giraffe print!

    I love to leave my diapers to dry on the clothes line; they always smell so fresh!

  179. I would love to win the Soft Bums with the giraffe print. 🙂 I don’t have any cloth diapering tips, since I am preparing to cloth diaper for the first time. 🙂

  180. I’ve been wanting to try the Smartipants!

    I don’t use cloth but have been considering it and many people have recommended Smartipants!

  181. I’d love either the Softbums or the Smartipants. My tip: hanging your diapers out in the sun is the BEST way to remove stains. It also eliminates microfiber static that you get by using the dryer and saves electricity.
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..5 Generations =-.

  182. I would love to win any of these. I have been interested in trying cloth diapering. Did not do it with our daughter, but would love to try with our son, who is due in August. Reading all the tips is helpful in figuring out how to do everything. Of course I have no tips, because I haven’t tried.

  183. I would love the softbums or NB Bambino. I am starting a newborn stash for baby #3! My tip, I love getting stains out with the sun! It’s free and works wonders.

  184. I’d love to win the Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit!!

    I always put a little baking soda in the wash and hang the diapers to dry on the line. If it’s sunny it helps get the stains out really well!

    I can’t wait to try out some of the tips you ladies have left! 🙂

  185. I’d love to try the Soft Bums, I’m not familiar with the brand. My 2 year old loves giraffes..we may never get him to potty train with these around (fortunately, we have a newborn just in case)!

    As for keeping diapers smelling fresh and looking their best, I agree that nothing beats the sun!

  186. I would like to try the Soft Bums. My tip that I learned the hard way: breastmilk poop should be rinsed off before washing when using a HE washer. Just not enough water to dissolve it all. Thanks!
    .-= Tanashia´s last blog ..Maggie’s 3mos pics! =-.

  187. I would love the soft buns giraffe. Hanging cloth diapers out in the sun really helps with stain removal.

  188. we always use vinegar in the fabric softener compartment.

    I’d love any of the diapers. With another on the way… we could always use more!

  189. I would love any of these great dipes!!! My favorite stain remover is laying the diapers in my lawn when wet and letting the sun bleach out the stains.

  190. I like the softbums giraffe print. So cute!

    I agree with the putting diapers out on the line, for all the reasons stated!

  191. Would love to try the Smartipants or soft buns for my daughter! We have just begun the process of switching to cloth so don’t have any tips yet but love reading some great tips here.

  192. I would love the SoftBums! We use Bac-Out and vinegar to help keep our diapers fresh and line drying is definitely our preference.

  193. i would love any of them, but think the soft bums is the cutest!

    i’m just going to echo a lot of the other moms…sunning is awesome!! if you don’t have the ability to hang them up outside, pick the sunniest window in your house and set up a drying rack.

  194. Hi— I would love to win the giraffe softbums~ My tip on cleaning– have a bucket ready to soak immediately so the urine smell doesn’t sink in and the use the sun to dry– it helps eliminate stains~ Hope I win! I haven’t won anything before—

  195. I would love to try either the Smartipants or Softbuns, not having tried either type of diaper, I couldn’t say which I would prefer, although the giraffe print is pretty neat though.

    For stubborn diaper stains, some hydrogen peroxide poured on before sunning can help

  196. I like em all, so I couldn’t pick. I’m not sure I have a great tip that hasn’t already been said!

  197. The giraffes are so cute! I would love to try the Soft Bums or the SmartiPants one size.

    We’ve had success laundering with Charlie’s Soap. The small bag lasts a long time!

  198. I would love the blue SmartiPants. Diaper washing tip: hydrogen peroxide! After shaking/scraping a poopy diaper’s contents into the toilet, I spray the diaper down with hydrogen peroxide. It’s cheap, antibacterial, non-toxic, and usually prevents staining.

  199. I would love the Smartipants or the Softbums (my younger son loves giraffes!) My tip-homemade laundry detergent kills diaper odors MUCH better than commercial detergent.

  200. I would love the smartipants or the soft bums! My tip: soak dipes overnight EVERY time. I just soak in hot water and a ton of white vinegar. It really works to get the stink out. Line drying really helps as well, and I’ve been taking advantage of the warm weather we’ve had here recently.

  201. We would love the Soft Buns or Smartipants diapers. I soak overnight every time and try to dry them outside whenever possible.

  202. My son would look adorable in the Soft Bums giraffe.

    My tip: I bought a dresser-type changing table, my diapers stay very organized in the top drawer

  203. This is a tough choice! I think I would like the Soft Bums. I use vinegar to get the stains out and line dry when the weather permits.

  204. I would love to try the Soft Bums or the SmartiPants because I read the the recent Mothering issue that the flushable liners may not be so eco-friendly and toxin-free after all. This is also perfect timing because I am regretting not having used cloth diapers from the beginning on my now 12 month old. I just started researching clother diapers to see what makes sense at this age and stage, and it is truthfully a daunting task! Any advice as to what makes sense for me to start on would be great (12 month old boy; currently using approx. 6-7 Seventh generation disposable diapers; would like my transition to cloth diapers to be cost-effective, meaning cost the same as or less than what I’m currently spending on diapers). Sorry I don’t have any tips for washing yet but I’m making a mental note of the tips posted thus far! Oh, and, pick me, pick me! I’m dying to try cloth diapers and to make the switch ASAP!! Thank you!!!

  205. SoftBums, please. Precious.

    My best tip is to add Borax to the cold soak I do before actually laundering the diaps to cut the acidity. It is my mom’s trick actually, who is the first cloth-diaperer I knew *smile*.

  206. My dude collects giraffes, so I would love that SoftBums, but any of them would be welcomed in our house. I haven’t been cding long enough to have any tips, but I use Allens Naturally and love love love it!

  207. I love the giraffes!

    I tried cloth diapers before, and had terrible smell problems. I am looking to try again with my son. Maybe I was using too much detergent? I always did cold rinse no soap, then hot wash extra rinse with Charlie’s soap.

  208. I’d like to try the Soft Bums diaper because I’ve never tried a cloth diaper with velcro. I had some problems with the snaps the last time around.

    Tip: Line dry, line dry, line dry. Not only does it make the diapers fresh and clean, it also sends a statement to the neighbors that says “I care about our planet and my child enough to use cloth!”

  209. I’ve been curious about the Softbums…

    Hang ’em in the sun to dry and “bleach” stains! They end up cleaner, fresher and more absorbent than the dryer 🙂

  210. Would love the giraffe one! So cute.

    I mostly use prefolds and a cover. I line dry my covers – wash the prefolds in heavy duty extra rinse – with ALL FREE AND CLEAR>

  211. I prefer the giraffe print – so adorable! I used a diaper service with our first son. With our second son, I’m ‘on my own’. I love the snappi clips for trifold diapers – they really keep them in place. I could have used them for diapering our first son. Beautiful diapers!

  212. I’d love to win those one-size giraffe diapers.

    Great tip for poopy stains: OxyClean Baby. I put 2 scoops of dye-free, sulfate-free OxyClean into my bathroom sink and fill it with warm water. I toss the diapers (and whatever else got soiled) into the sink and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Voila! Good as new!

  213. I would love either the Soft bums or the Smartipants. I have a 20 month old and he loves his cloth diapers

  214. I would really like either one. I am REALLY wanting to switch from my nature baby diapers to full cloth. I love the giraffes though. SUPER CUTE! I love Borax for cleaning!


  215. I would love any of the diapers. My son is 8 months and is 21 lbs (He is a breastfeed baby) and he is in a size 5 huggies diaper. I have never used cloth diapers and I want to start. I just don’t know what kind to use for him. He has really fat thighs so I’m researching what kind of diaper to use. So hopefully I can start within the next 2 weeks!!!

  216. I would love to try the SmartiPants!

    I love using BacOut for stains, and hanging them out on the line in the sunshine!

  217. I have found buncha farmers stain remover to be fantastic for stain removal. (and not just for diapers but for postpartum and monthly use to0 😉 )

    We’re making the switch to cloth and I’d be happy with either the smartipant or soft bums. I must admit, my LO absolutely loves giraffes! She would be ecstatic if I were to put it on her.

    Another diapering tip, a diaper sprayer! I love our diaper sprayer. It makes cleaning poopy diapers fun..who knew that could be possible, I certainly didn’t.

  218. I would like the soft buns giraffe. We love Charlie’s soap to wash our diapers and baby clothes and use vinegar to get out the odors.

  219. I like the Soft bums Giraffe. Wash every other day and use a good detergent like rockin green.

  220. I would love either the smartipants or Softbuns! I always soak my diapers in my Rockin’ Green for half an hour at each wash, and I throw an extra hot wash in after. No stink issues and my dipes come out SO bright!

  221. I’d like any of them but out of the three I would have to say I’d like to try the newborn set.

    The sun is amazing at getting smell and stains out of cloth diapers!

  222. Love the Soft Bums Giraffe.

    My only tip is hot, hot water and dry in the sunshine. The sun takes out ALL stains. Yay Mother Nature!

  223. I would love the pocket. I love to simply use soapnuts for my diapers, but borax helps with staining.

  224. I think the soft bums is really cute! I just ordered cloth diapers for my 4 month old, so I am new to it, but am VERY excited to start!!!

  225. I use a Pampered Chef stoneware scraper (you know, the little brown plastic square) to scrape off poopy diapers before I put them into the hamper. Works GREAT and I just wipe the scraper off with a square of toilet paper or wet washcloth when done. Just make sure to keep it away from the kids and etch an ‘X’ or something on it so you can tell it apart from your kitchen use scrapers 🙂

  226. Would love any of the three. Restore laundry soap and all natural oxyboost and sunshine to dry to keep the dipes fresh and clean!

  227. I’d like the soft bums giraffe, or any of them really.

    I like Charlie’s soap and the sun.

  228. I would love the giraffe diaper! I just started using cloth (pre-folds with snappi’s) about 1.5 months ago. My son, now 4 months, now has a happier bottom and it is one more way I can live a bit more naturally. We wash our diapers with a free and clear detergent in a High Efficiency washer, so we use less detergent and water. Then we line dry them in our hot, Florida sunshine for stain removal and to sanitize!

  229. The Soft Bums diaper is so cute! My biggest cloth diapering suggestion is to find a detergent that works for you and stick with it. I made the mistake of trying something new because it was cheaper and my daughter had a terrible reaction to it. I then had to go through the whole process of stripping the diapers so we could use them again.

  230. I would love the newborn Bambino Mio to use for the little one I am expecting next month. We cloth diapered with our older son and found it quite easy once we got in the groove. I used a few drops of tea tree oil in the wash every once in a while to help with odors. And I agree that sunshine is the best stain remover.
    .-= Nicole J.´s last blog ..An Update =-.

  231. The soft bums giraffe print is adorable. I still haven’t quite made the leap to cloth, but am researching and reading more and more everyday. I am hoping for an inexpensive option to trial and get me started! I have heard mixed reviews on which laundry detergent to wash cloth in, so reading this has been helpful! Some “real mommy” advice! Thanks!

  232. I would LOVE the giraffe diaper! I am new to cloth diapering so I don’t have any good advice, but does anyone have any for me?? 🙂

  233. I would love Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Diaper. It is adorable!

    Washing with Rockin’ Green laundry detergent gets out all the stinkies in our diapers. Great for stains as well.

  234. I would love the giraffe print diaper. I prewash all of my diapers and covers in a cold rinse with baking soda, it helps to prep them for the hot wash and helps to get stains and the “ickiness” out! Also hanging them in the sun is a great idea– can’t wait for summer to try this out more! 🙂

  235. I would love the Soft Bums for my 10 month old daughter. My best tip is to keep a few tri folds in the car. I use them as the changing pad, sometimes as the wipes and to clean the rain off slides at the park (I also have a 3yr old), then I just throw them in with the others to wash.

  236. I love this one:Soft Bums Giraffe Print PerfectFit One Size Daper with an organic bamboo insert.

    -Diaper advice: the simpler the better!

  237. I would love the SmartiPants OS. I have a girl, but would like a light blue diaper for her to go with some of her blue dresses.

  238. The SmartiPants look awesome, I am in love with my (well, my daughter’s) pocket diapers, they rock!

  239. I LOVE Motherease Sandy’s diapers. The best way to get out stains is to hang diapers in the sun. I like that aio with the giraffes. very cute.

  240. I’d love #1 or #2. washing tips – keep it simple. I put mine in a pail with baking soda and wash when full.

  241. I would love to win the soft bums giraffe print b/c my toddler saw it and fell in love with it lol.

    I’ve found what helps me is to have a designated system in place for washing diapers. Making sure I have enough containers or pails and all the supplies laid out encourages DH NOT to procrastinate haha.

  242. I would love the SoftBums Giraffe it is adorable and I am new to cloth diapering ao any new addition to my stash would be a great help!

  243. I would love the softbums or the smartipants! we use the standard two cycles – cold, then hot with an extra rinse, then hang in the sun.

  244. I’d like to try the Smartipants diaper!!! I’m expecting my first baby in September so I don’t have any tips yet. Still building my stash and waiting for the little guy to arrive!!!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..3 Negative Facets of Life =-.

  245. I would like the smartipants. I’m due in June, but heard Charlie’s soap or Allen’s soap work well.

  246. I love the giraffe diaper. I am working on my second baby now (due Feb). I think Charlie’s soap is great and everything comes out soft without dryer sheets. I actually use it for my clothes, as well.

  247. I would love to have the soft Bums. We love them. I started cloth diapering my baby girl at about her first birthday and the softbums have converted my husband because they are so wonderful.

    My tip, show your friends and family how simple it is to CD and they’ll be more supportive

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