Software Problems Reporting


To report a software problem or “bug,” please send an email to and or submit a new thread to the Site Help and Feedback forum. The more information you can provide from the list below, the easier it will be to diagnose the issue. We understand that not all steps are always able to be reproduced or remembered, but the more the better.  We really appreciate your assistance in making the site as user-friendly and reliable as possible.


Here’s a sample form you can copy and paste when reporting a bug:


What is broken: Briefly describe the problem you’re having or the bug you’re seeing.
Where was I (include URL)?: Tell us where you were on the site – viewing a forum thread, reading a PM, performing a search, editing your profile…
Browser Version/Operating System: Visit and copy/paste the results here.
How many times? (Number of times you saw this problem, ex: only once, several times, intermittent?)
Date? (when did this problem start happening to the best of your knowledge) 
Steps to Reproduce (please list each step you took, even if it seems unrelated or obvious, put it in a list like this): 

I logged into my account

I clicked on Forums in the header

I selected the “Breastfeeding” forum

I clicked on the “Please Help” thread title

I typed in the quick reply box at the bottom of the screen

Tried to post three times and got error message _____

Expected: What result did you expect to happen?
Screenshot: A picture really is worth a thousand words when it comes to troubleshooting. 
For assistance with capturing screenshots of your error on your computer:




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