Some of the softest prefolds IMAGINABLE; giveaway…

We were just plotzing over prefolds at Mothering HQ.

I received a 4-pack of organic cotton “Giggle Better Basics” prefolds–an Under the Nile exclusive. Dooood. I used to cloth-diaper my boy (and now he’s almost 6) and the prefolds were… know…the broken-in white t-shirts of my diaper selection. They were great everyday staples. And I also had other favorites that had the cutest print, or the sweetest design, or were incredibly reliable. But these prefolds are like the ultra-high-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets one would encounter in a super-fancy hotel.

Kane and Dian, photographed in Mothering t-shirts for our Resources page

Kane and Dian, photographed in Mothering t-shirts for our Resources page

Simone’s husband Kane began rubbing his face with one, a dreamy look in his eye. “Maybe I could wear this,” he mused, fully kidding but also…maybe imagining it in the form of a sweatshirt. I can’t speak for him, I’m only editorializing. And then Dian let out a squeal and pointed–like, “Change me! Even though I’m dry! I want to take that honey for a ride!”


Kane and Dian went home with their prefold. I have three left–and want to give them away to our awesome Mothering readers. Times are tight–and these are a bit of a splurge, as prefolds go. So subscribe to my blog, leave a comment–the first three responders will receive one luscious, softy, fair trade, primo prefold from Giggle Better Basics. And then come back and comment to let us know how you like it!

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5 thoughts on “Some of the softest prefolds IMAGINABLE; giveaway…”

  1. I subscribed earlier today!

    I’ve thinking about cloth diapering. I have a few to get started, but I’m a little nervous about it!

  2. I finally took the leap. A local mama made me bamboo inserts for my gDiapers. He did leak through the first one pretty quickly, which saddened me (I had hoped it would be a nighttime solution). I tried again during the day, and it went so much better!! I also noticed that the redness in my son’s bum area went away!! So I’m closer to becoming a convert. And I’m very excited for this prefold – it arrived the other day, and it is obscenely soft.

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