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I’m missing my soul sisters.  Twice a week, sometimes 3x, for the past 2 months I have had the absolute joy of coming together with a group of 7 talented and daring mamas to create our show-stealing performances for our Sunrise Waldorf School parent talent show.  No ordinary evening, the annual Who Knew features a mix of parents and teachers stepping outside of the bounds of what others expect & know of us.

Our performance of the classic  These Boots are Made for Walking was an almost exact reenactment of Nancy Sinatra’s original video  – Boots.  Bedecked in jewel-toned fuzzy sweaters, tiny yoga shorts, fishnets and of course – hot boots – we rocked the house with our hair done up with authentic Bumpits.  We were bold, playful, sexy & outrageous with a good dose of silly.


7dayfoolAfter intermission we appeared in hot housewife gear – barely buttoned blouses, aprons, rollers in our hair… and of course all the best gear (toilet scrub, iron & board, washboard…) for a rousing rendition of Jully Black’s Seven Day Fool.  Our weekly practices learning how to seductively scrub the floor and strip off dish gloves opened the way for a whole new level of sisterhood.

Mamas, we have to make fun of ourselves.  We absolutely have to find a way to see the hilarity in the most ordinary moments of our days.  I know of no better way to break down the expectations of how we are “supposed to be” as women and mothers, than simply stepping outside of those boundaries and having fun with them.   I already miss our weekly practice sessions, and crave opportunities with my soul sisters to go beyond tea & conversation.


Your Mama Renew challenge for this week:

Schedule a date with friends that is outside of the norm.  Do something new together, something outside of your regular comfort zone & habits.

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