Soulful Handmade Felted Animals

I got an email from Lonneke van Asseldonk of the Netherlands recently. She makes felted animal Pacha Mama “Cuddles” that are not only beautifully crafted–they also feel distinctly imbued with good energy.


She sent me a unicorn, which I plan to give to my daughter for Christmas. The unicorn is tall, and soft, and a little gawky, which happens to be the most endearing thing ever. Her eyes peer out shyly like a creature that just happened to wander out of Narnia and into Mothering HQ. She also comes with a moonstone necklace.

The Euro exchange rate is not exactly in our favor (so what else is new for the last decade), but once I held that unicorn, I understood that it was worth every penny. It’s the kind of present you ask grandparents to pool their resources for (vs. getting a pile of what-the-heck plastic, battery-needing, blinking, ding-donging stuff).

Swans, snakes, bunnies, dragons, donkeys…truly delightful.


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