Special Needs Forum Guidelines

The Special Needs forum is one of support, respectful requests of information, and sharing of ideas and experiences. This forum was set up to meet the needs of and provide support for families with special needs children.

Disagreement about special needs should be set aside out of respect for the diversity and varying interpretations and beliefs that we hold as a community.

There are many different theories behind possible "causes" for certain conditions. Mothering is not going to support one theory over another and debate on such issues will not be hosted in the SN forum. MDC will also not host debate regarding different treatments and supplements.

Mothering will not host defamatory language and terms that are assigned to those that support certain theories, such posts will be removed and the person posting them will be subject to administrative action.

Parenting the special needs child comes with many rewards and challenges that are unique to each family. This forum is a place to discuss these issues with like-minded members. The forum is open to all members and we encourage everyone to share and join in the discussions. Though in doing so, please be respectful of the forums purpose and the feelings of all our members.

Please join us in supporting parents of special needs children as they work together to deal with everyday issues and parenting while practicing Natural Family Living. And as always, please make sure your posting is in accordance with the MDC User Agreement.

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