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Reach the influencers in the world’s largest organic and natural family community!


The Mothering Mavens is a growing community of organic and natural moms that come together on Mothering.com to discuss natural living and products like yours.  Through the Mothering Mavens, you will have access to some of the most influential natural moms who will not only try your product and give their opinion but will also spread your message to the 3M moms who visit Mothering.com every month and beyond to their social networks.  


Mothering Mavens Facts

  • 93% spend more on healthy, natural products
  • 75% are between the ages of 24-39
  • 95% are college educated
  • 90% use social media at least once a week


Sampling Opportunities

Gain deep audience insights and create excitement around your products via:

  • FOCUS GROUPS: Lead an online focus group to gather market research or discuss a product
  • SURVEYS: Our moms will sample your products and complete comprehensive surveys giving you feedback on your products and brand
  • PRODUCT REVIEWS: Our moms will sample your products and contribute product reviews that index well in organic search


Amplification Opportunities

After sampling, amplify the Mothering Mavens sentiment to the broader natural mom community via:

  • PAID MEDIA: Spread the positive sentiment to the rest of the community via custom rich media banners, site skins and homepage roadblocks
  • EDITORIAL SPONSORSHIP: Create custom editorial based on the positive brand sentiment from the Mothering Mavens
  • NEWSLETTER AND SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: Reach our entire community through social media integration and sponsored newsletter posts


Or email us at Mavens@Mothering.com



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