Spring Chocolate Giveaway from SJAAK’S.

I am sitting here, in total bliss, as I have just sampled organic Sjaak’s chocolate. People. I ate a dark-chocolate lavender truffle in the shape of a heart, wrapped in purple shiny foil. And I really can’t spell. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve had to fix errors. My brain does not want to bother itself with SPELLING right now. Someone should run tests on how chocolate interferes with other comparatively dreary brain functions.

I am giving away a Sjaak’s Vegan, Organic “Limited Edition Bunny Truffle Gift Box.” Nine chocolates. One each of the following: dark chocolate, milk pecan cinnamon, milk almond, dark coconut & ginger, dark cherry, dark orange maté, dark pistachio, milk cappuccino, and milk hazelnut.

I’m sorry the picture’s so small–check it out at the website to get a better gander.

After the chocolates are eaten, you can keep the beautiful box for future springtime decorating.

In order to be eligible to win, share your favorite springtime holiday tradition (or just a favorite springtime thing) of yours. Mine is to make baked eggs with mascarpone cheese and thyme, wrapped in bacon–in ramekins. Then the grownups enjoy Bellinis (made of champagne and peach puree). I love going to the farmers’ market and buying a dozen eggs in natural varying shades of blues, yellows, tans..especially in March and April. The variations in colors, and the speckled shells just thrill me. Come to think of it, the living room in my house has blue and green walls that wouldn’t look out of place on eggshells. [oh my god…ingesting that lavender has turned me into a free-associating, crackpotty Martha).

I will gather all of the names and pull them out of a hat, and then I’ll contact the lucky winner and send this treat your way! Deadline for comments/entrants is March 25th.

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8 thoughts on “Spring Chocolate Giveaway from SJAAK’S.”

  1. Decorating the front gate and living room w/ bunnies & chicks. My mother has sent fabulous over-sized easter cards over the years— my daughter & I decorate the mantle with them every year. Last year we added to the spring decor collection by making decoupage wood eggs. My daughter gave one to our Buddhist UU minister. It had Beatrix Potter (a famous UU)characters on it. very sweet.

    I have pics of the eggs if you want to see. 😉

  2. When I think of spring traditions, I remember the annual easter bunny cake I made with my family when I was a kid. My son is probably old enough to help with one this year, so I’m looking forward to it. Coconut, licorice whiskers, jelly beans, mmm fun!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Handmade goodies =-.

  3. Back in the day I used to dye eggs with my family. I remember the strong smell of vinegar filling the kitchen, as me and my brothers would spend hours coloring the eggs with crayons, and carefully dipping the eggs one at a time into the bowls of dye. And every year the Easter Bunny would hide one of those freshly dyed eggs in my baseball mit, which I always kept by my bed.
    .-= Megan Goldberg´s last blog ..Kids Make More Great Art =-.

  4. Spring traditions from my childhood would include a new pair of white Sunday shoes, white ankle socks with lace around the edge, and an Easter dress in some pastel cotton fabric. As an adult, and finally getting to celebrate that pagan Easter Bunny, I have to say now – thanks to my daughter – spring traditions revolve around decorating a basket for all the delights the Easter Bunny is sure to bring, filling plastic eggs with delightful odds and ends and hiding them all over the house the night before Easter morning. This year, we’ll be making cupcakes with little fuzzy chicks, bunnies and flowers on them — colored coconut, jelly beans, icing and whatever delights the 3 yr. old.

    Spring is so much more fun when you don’t have to think about keeping your white shoes clean from Easter until Labor Day(because, after Labor Day it would be an awful sin to wear white shoes).

  5. We love spring! We love to enjoy the weather by getting out and hiking and going to the farmer’s markets.

    Easter egg hunts are always fun! I remember the great times we shared as kids decorating eggs, only to wake up on Easter morning and have to scurry around excitedly searching for them! What fun!

    Our number one celebratory ritual for this time of year would be the Easter church service (not that we don’t go every other Sunday! 🙂 and reflection on God’s never ending love and grace for us! It is always fun to follow this by sharing a meal with loved ones.

  6. We haven’t had any traditions in a while, but now that we have a son, I suspect that will change. I did love making a bunny out of two round cakes as a kid and decorating eggs, and hope that I will be doing that with my family. But I just love spring because it means farmers markets, gardening, fresh fruit desserts and the start of grilling season!

  7. my favorite spring tradition is egg hunting with the kids, its always so exciting to watch them search the yard. But what I enjoy even more then that is watching the grown ups scramble around for missing eggs in the yard that have not been found. It seems to get better each year as our hiding spots get better. But its happened once or twice we haven’t found an egg till an animal finds it first!

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