Staff Taste Test for Peggy’s Kitchen “Food Makes a Family” Novemember-December 2010

Find all of the recipes reviewed in this section in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Mothering magazine.

Staff Taste Test ImageStove-Top Chicken

CANDACE: Yum. Nice lemony-wine flavor. The chicken is moist (a hard thing to accomplish with breasts), and the onions are a treat. It’s got wonderful “Wow!” effect, in terms of how it looks on the serving plate. Great presentation. Not boring, as so many chicken recipes can be.

LALLY: Very moist and special, with wings of gold.

SIMONE: Perfectly seasoned.

MELISSA: Wonderfully savory; moist and tender.

JODI: Juicy, savory, wintery comfort, with a bonus of making the whole house aromatic.

MELYSSA: This was fairly easy—just fry and simmer. I usually get squeamish with bone-in meat, but this was so easy, I may be able to add it to my cooking life.

SARAH: I love chicken simmered in wine. So juicy and tender! The best part: the onions get that great wine-cooked flavor.

Spinach Strata

CANDACE: Fluffy and lofty, like soufflé, and incredibly rich and filling. I kind of want to redesign the recipe to be less fattening, because I think it would be just as good.—Candace

SIMONE: Rich and tasty.

LALLY: I love this strata.

MELISSA: Super-decadent comfort food.

JODI: Smooth, rich, and soothing. It’s like quiche to the tenth power!

SARAH: OK, so this dish is most definitely making an appearance on my holiday table. Wow! The cheese, the bread, and just a hint of nutmeg—this is serious soul food.

Winter Slaw

CANDACE: Wonderfully crunchy, juicy, and sweet! Who knew cabbage could be so much fun? Or that coleslaw could taste so good without mayo? I’d play with it by adding some shredded carrots and nonfat Greek yogurt.

SIMONE: Very refreshing! Yummy crunch and combination of flavors. I’m surprised I like it so much.

MELISSA: Has a unique mélange of uplifting flavors and a satisfying texture.

JODI: Nice crunch, beautiful colors, and pleasant sweetness. It’s snappy and festive.

SARAH: This is the kind of salad you just keep eating even though you’re full, because it tastes so darn good.

Roasted Peaches with Honey and Ricotta

CANDACE: Silky and melting. The peach juice provides a nice dance of acidity that flirts with the creamy ricotta. Honey and ricotta are divine together; the sum is greater than the parts, by far. I have a microplane zester, which made zesting the Meyer lemon easy and stress-free. This is decadently tasty, but virtuously Spartan on a caloric level.—Candace

MELISSA: Light and mellow, sweet and creamy.

SIMONE: Very smooth. Melts on contact with your mouth!

JODI: The balance between velvety zest and tangy tart is lovely.

SARAH: I thought they were going to be heavy and super-rich, so I was surprised by how fluffy and smooth they are! I especially appreciated the citrus zing.

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